FreshCheq Announces Integration With Thermapen Blue Wireless Thermometer Technology

FreshCheq Announces Integration With Thermapen Blue Wireless Thermometer Technology

Bluetooth thermometer capabilities give single store, franchise, or multi-unit operators the opportunity to take advantage of fast and error-free technology that is fully integrated into the FreshCheq platform.

FreshCheq Announces Integration With Thermapen Blue Wireless Thermometer TechnologyFreshCheq, creators of digital food safety and restaurant operations software, announces the integration of Thermapen Blue probe thermometers, which allows restaurants, franchises and multi-unit stores to instantly measure and record food temperature readings. It combines the easability of the FreshCheq application with bluetooth technology to provide a seamless experience for all users. The thermometer probes connect wirelessly to FreshCheq via bluetooth.

FreshCheq, paired with Thermapen Blue wireless technology, aims to help restaurants move away from using pen and paper for their food temperature logs. Using a digital application helps restaurants to save time and money while improving food safety and compliance.

Perform line checks faster and more accurately with readings saved directly to the FreshCheq app on both iOS and Android devices. Document temperature logs for better accountability and insights for areas of improvement. Notifications are sent when a temperature reading is not in an acceptable range so a corrective action can be taken immediately so your brand standards are protected.

“This has been the number one most requested functionality from FreshCheq customers,” said Jake Davis, managing partner of FreshCheq. “Our integration with Thermapen Blue wireless thermometer is part of our ongoing strategy to continue developing to the needs of our customers.”

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