Friendly’s Takes Pizza to a Cool New Place

What’s round, with a delicious chewy crust and covered with rich toppings and great-tasting layers of flavor? If you guessed a pizza, you’re right. But if you’re thinking tomato sauce and cheese, think again. Friendly’s introduces their newest dessert treat — Ice Cream Pizza — just in time for summer parties and warm weather meals.

Friendly’s Ice Cream Pizza starts with a deliciously chewy brownie crust topped with Friendly’s premium vanilla ice cream, then it’s loaded up with fudge, chocolate chips and colorful sprinkles. The result is a fun and festive ice cream dessert that’s a perfect family treat or a special occasion showstopper.

“We think that our new Ice Cream Pizza is an innovative and fun take on two family favorites — pizza and ice cream sundaes,” said Bob Squires, senior director and general manager of retail sales and marketing for Friendly’s. “It’s the right size for a family dessert but it has a ‘wow factor’ that makes it a perfect party choice too. We think kids and adults both will love this unique new dessert option.”

Friendly’s restaurants have offered great food, great value and premium quality ice cream treats in a family-friendly environment for over 76 years. Each year the company creates and perfects new ice cream flavors and frozen desserts to delight ice cream lovers of all ages.

Friendly’s products are available at local supermarkets and Friendly’s restaurants throughout New England, New York, and New Jersey, as well as parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Florida. For more information, please contact Maura Tobias at (413) 731-4238, or visit for additional information about Friendly’s Restaurants.

Friendly’s Ice Cream LLC is a new, vertically integrated restaurant company, with a legendary brand name, serving signature sandwiches, entrees and ice cream desserts in a friendly, family environment. Together with its broad franchisee base, the company has system-wide sales of over $550 million and distribution through over 7,500 retail locations. For over 76 years, Friendly’s restaurants and dedicated service teams have delighted generations of guests. For the future, Friendly’s has plans for new food and ice cream products, enhanced buildings, and new service channels. For additional information please visit