Full Course Hosts Restaurant Industry Online Seminar March 29

Full Course Hosts Restaurant Industry Online Seminar March 29

Sheila Bennett, Executive Director of CORE, and Alison Anne, Founder of Alison Anne Coaching, Discuss Financial Resources for Restaurant Workers


Full Course, the innovative restaurant investment and development group that is revolutionizing the way restaurants build their brand, is excited to be hosting another complimentary online seminar – Financial Resources for Restaurant Workers: Industry Secrets and Best Practices – on Tuuesday, March 29. Lissa Bowen, Full Course chief people + culture officer, welcomes Sheila Bennett, executive director of Children of Restaurant Workers (CORE), and Alison Anne, founder of Alison Anne Coaching, to discuss everything from creating personal budgets to financial resources and more.

Full Course Hosts Restaurant Industry Online Seminar March 29
Sheila Bennett

Bennett brings a diverse background within the restaurant industry to the table as well as expertise in strategic business growth, marketing and fundraising. Children of Restaurant Workers (CORE) helps foodservice industry employees with children whenever they are affected by a health crisis, medical diagnosis or loss of home and employment due to a natural disaster. Since moving back to her hometown of Nashville and joining the CORE team, Bennett has rebuilt and rebranded the organization by forging new partnerships and increasing industry engagement.

Full Course Hosts Restaurant Industry Online Seminar March 29
Alison Anne

Anne gained a unique skillset when balancing her career in the restaurant industry and pursuing acting at the same time. Her incredible time management skills, financial management expertise and healthy coping mechanisms make her a vital resource for restaurant industry employees and businesses. Her business, Alison Anne Coaching, gives people the tools to identify positive and negative practices in their worth within the industry.

Full Course’s monthly seminars invite food business and restaurant entrepreneurs, owners and operators into conversation with content-area experts and the Full Course team. Interested attendees are invited to sign up online for the March seminar and to be notified of future seminars.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022
3-4 p.m.



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