Get Ready for the New Generation of Gloves – Inteplast Launches Inte-Fit Hybrid Gloves

Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS), a division of Inteplast, an international leader in the manufacture of sustainably forward integrated plastics products, has evolved the disposable plastic glove with the launch of Inte-Fit Hybrid Gloves.

These new, unique hybrid gloves are a welcome trend in the market and becoming more commonly accepted with customers and end users. The Inte-Fit gloves are not your traditional disposable  poly gloves — they are made from a special formula with a unique polymer blend that gives them the extra strength, stretchability and flexibility when performing various tasks. In addition, the company has designed the gloves to provide a more comfortable form fit rather than those other “oversized” poly gloves.

The Inte-Fit gloves  have numerous features and attributes that supermarket and restaurant employees will appreciate.  Inte-Fitgloves have no vinyl, no latex, no powder and no odor; therefore, they are the ideal choice for people who may be concerned with allergic reactions.

Further, for employers and employees who are sustainably minded, Inte-Fit gloves are environmentally friendly as they are 100 percent recyclable plus the slim-box packaging material is reduced by a full 25 percent versus common glove box sizes. These gloves also conform to FDA compliance for food contact and handling.

“Our Inte-Fit gloves have been very successful as buyers value and appreciate that they can address their corporate ‘green’ initiatives with a cost-savings benefit; the gloves are a win-win solution for them,” says Vinod Ghumwala, Product Development Manager, IBS Division.

“Also,” Ghumwala adds, “be aware of the ‘Counter-Fits;’ we are the original Inte-Fit®.”

About Integrated Bagging Systems – A World of Bags

A division of Inteplast Group, Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS) has manufacturing facilities in Texas, Massachusetts, Canada and Asia. IBS offers customers a complete array of plastic products including can liners (janitorial/ institutional), foodservice products, (food bags, re-closable bags, PVC film, deli sheets, steam table pan liners, bun rack covers, carry out bags, etc.), gloves, retail and grocery style bags for supermarkets  (merchandise, garment, produce,  deli), healthcare products (specimen transfer bags, patient belonging bags, etc.), and consumer private label products (trash bags, food bags, and storage containers) and industrial supplies.