Global Online Restaurant Reservations Leader EVEVE Moves To End OpenTable’s Effective Monopoly in Kansas City

Global Online Restaurant Reservations Leader EVEVE Moves To End OpenTable's Effective Monopoly in Kansas City

EVEVE, a leading global provider of online reservations, announced today that Kansas City’s Em Chamas Brazilian Grill has joined the growing list of leading North American restaurants that have left OpenTable and Urbanspoon for EVEVE’s more affordable system.    Em Chamas is a traditional Brazilian grill (Churrascaria) featuring traditional Brazilian Churrasco from the Pampas region of Southern Brazil and is one of Kansas City’s three busiest independent restaurants based on the number of online reservations.

EVEVE has been OpenTable’s leading competitor in Europe but only first entered the US market 15 months ago.   EVEVE has now expanded its US presence to 11 states and two provinces in Canada and has emerged as OpenTable’s leading North American competitor.   “Our business has experienced rapid growth in 2012,” said EVEVE CEO Timothy Ryan.   “Our number of online reservations has doubled since 2011 and quadruped since 2010 and we are thrilled that one of Open Table’s three most booked independent restaurants in Kansas City has decided to join the EVEVE family as we head into 2013.”

“The co-owners of Em Chamas, Nick and Sam Silvio, did extensive research to identify a reservation solution that would allow them to deliver the Em Chamas experience to their customers,” said Ryan.    EVEVE’s system will also allow Em Chamas to maintain control of its brand.  “OpenTable’s marketing tactics have become particularly frustrating for its busier clients,” said Ryan.   “These large restaurants have realized that restaurants who have been paying OpenTable the most are the very ones who need them the least,”  “They have realized that the fees they’ve been paying OpenTable are being used to help promote other restaurants to their loyal customers,” added Ryan.  “Can you think of another business that rewards its customers for purchasing a competitor’s product, said Ryan?”  “Can you imagine Apple rewarding someone for purchasing a Nokia phone?”

EVEVE’s decision to enter the Kansas City market comes after surpassing expectations in their initial US market in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.   “We’ve captured more than 40% of the online bookings at all Twin Cities independently owned restaurants validating industry research that shows a huge market of restaurants have been waiting for an affordable alternative,” said Ryan.

Established in 2007, EVEVE is a leading global provider of live reservations systems and has relationships with approximately 1,000 restaurants worldwide.

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