GoBizReview.com Helps Restaurants Increase Online Reputation and Social Media SEO Marketing

GoBizReview.com Helps Restaurants Increase Online Reputation and Social Media SEO Marketing
Instant mobile feedback and review tracking

GoBizReview.com announced today that they are releasing a cutting-edge technology that will give any restaurant instant mobile feedback to stop bad reviews, a customizable reputation platform and quick access review tracking.

USA Today has reported that 7 out of 10 consumers trust an online review as much as they do a review from a friend or family member. Unfortunately, many people only take the time to review a business when they’ve had a negative experience, hurting the reputation of many good businesses.

“The biggest issue with review sites, like Yelp and Google, is that customers rarely go to the web to share their positive experiences,” says Lisa Weiss, CEO of GoBizReview.com. “Because of this, many business owners today feel their online reputation is often misleading and detrimental to their bottom line.”

The solution offered by GoBizReview has disgruntled customers turning into satisfied ones with a couple clicks of a button. This revolutionary technology provides business owners the ability to quickly and conveniently obtain valuable feedback and reviews from their customers before they even leave that place of business. Once obtained, the positive reviews are quickly posted to social media pages and review sites across the web. Negative reviews are instantly dealt with, asking the patron what could have been done better, informing them that their input is important and changes are being made, and finally offering them discounts and other offers to come back.

The Harvard Business School reports that each additional star rating on Yelp equates to a 5-9% increase in a businesses revenues. Positive reviews not only boost the companies reputation on review sites, these reviews can set a businesses apart from competitors on search listings, which in the end increase a businesses bottom line.

GoBizReview.com is a recognized leader in the Customer Review marketplace, developing custom and affordable Review Website Apps, Instant Feedback, Survey Apps and Online Reputation Platforms for any size business. Learn more about Instant Mobile Feedback and Review tracking by visiting: www.GoBizReview.com.

For more information about GoBizReview.com please contact Lisa Weiss at
(888) 209-7640 or by email: GoBizReview@gmail.com