Going Beyond the Traditional POS System

Going Beyond the Traditional POS System

Going Beyond the Traditional POS SystemBoxy POS announced today the start-up is transforming the point of sale industry with in demand mobile features and immediate access to all an establishment’s operations right from a smartphone. With 300% growth in 2015, the company is projecting that it will grow by over 400% in 2016, with specific outreach to Europe, the Netherlands and the Unites States.

“We often hear from our customers that they have never had a point of sale system with such operation transforming functions and features, especially one that is free,” said Noam Copel, co-founder and CEO of the start-up company.

Boxy POS is not your standard POS system. The company is moving beyond traditional services and integrating real time monitoring and social media marketing into the list of features the system can provide. The software is easy to implement into a restaurant’s operations and very easy to train staff to operate. Owners and their management teams have remote access to all of their operational needs, including sales processing, table controls, custom analytics, and hours tracking. Boxy POS goes beyond traditional POS software with the ability to run promotions, create marketing via social media, and building customer communities.

“My partner and co-founder of Boxy POS Avner Friedman is a successful restaurant owner and he grew frustrated with the need to have more than one software system run his business. The cost was tremendous to run so many software systems that were incompatible and lacked the updates needed to efficiently run his business. So as a tech developer, the two of us started BOXY POS and began by talking to tons of individuals in the hospitality industry about what software features they would like to see. That’s when Boxy POS was created,” said Copel.

Going Beyond the Traditional POS System

According to Hospitality Technology’s, Embracing Disruption: 2016 POS Software Trends Report, 46% of those surveyed will be looking for a POS system with mobile technology features and solutions in the coming year.

Boxy POS is excited to already have mobile capability built into its system. Internally, owners and managers are able to monitor all the restaurants activities right from their smart phones and in real time. While customers, are able to enjoy real time updates via social media, and can utilize ordering capabilities via smartphone, from a simple web interface without installing any application.

“Being a restaurant owner, I know what my customers are asking for and where the industry is heading, so we added mobile features that are in demand and keeping pace if not ahead of the industry,” said Avner Friedman, owner of Neri Sushi and co-founder of Boxy POS.

Boxy POS is inviting companies in the hospitality industry to try the POS System.

Visit http://www.boxypos.com and follow the instructions to download.