GoWebMo.com Creating Mobile Website Apps for Restaurants Wanting to Serve Their Smart Phone Using Customers

GoWebMo.com Creating Mobile Website Apps for Restaurants Wanting to Serve Their Smart Phone Using Customers

GoWebMo.com focuses on meeting restaurant owners needs to serve their growing customer base that are using smart phones. Almost 90% of businesses are lacking mobile-friendly websites, which means an aggravating experience for the millions of smartphone users searching from their phones, unable to navigate cumbersome websites that don’t fit small phone screens, and don’t offer services for those on the go.

Google reports mobile users expect their experience to be as good as their desktop, and a bad mobile experience is shifting users from hard-to-navigate sites to their competitor’s websites that provide mobile-friendly ones. 50% of mobile searches, Google states, lead to a purchase, which means businesses are losing revenue from potential customers. Websites where mobile users are made to wait for sites to load, forced to zoom in to read small print, or scroll-side to side to finish reading information, is the number one cause for users to leave a site. This ruins a businesses connection with their customers and hurts brand reputation with at least 66% of customers.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 46% of restaurant consumers would use a restaurant’s smartphone app if available, however only 28% of restaurants are using apps. An app for a restaurant generally provides the customer with an “About Us” page, menus, click-to-call, directions, social media connectivity, reservations, food ordering and payment, and any promotions that would encourage customers to visit. These app features cater to the billions of smart phone users that increasingly use their phones more than their PC’s when searching for products and services.

There are over 4.2 billion mobile devices worldwide, and 82% of those users conducting mobile searches do so at least one time per week. Large businesses are beginning to fulfill the mobile user’s needs with mobile-friendly websites, but small and medium-sized businesses have been slow to follow the demand of their customers, erroneously believing their customers won’t mind making adjustments on their smartphones to adapt to unfriendly sites. But 57% of mobile users report they would not recommend a business that doesn’t have a mobile site, leading to more lost revenue.

“This is where GoWebMo.com steps in to provide simple solutions for businesses that want to connect with their mobilizing customers. Our business is to monetize your website quickly and effortlessly. Having a mobile-friendly website, you now have more options to serve the changing needs of your customers, and allows you to attract an entirely new customer base,” said David Weiss, CEO of GoWebMo.com. “We are proud to provide cutting edge custom mobile website app solutions for any size business, and at an affordable price.”

Google reports that, “A whopping 62% of total searches for popular national chain restaurants [in the US]…occurred on high end mobile devices. For those searching out a restaurant, mobile was the device of choice, and if a restaurant was not advertising on mobile, they missed an opportunity to reach nearly two-thirds of consumers looking to find a restaurant.”

Google has also found that more than 30% of visits to mobile-friendly sites for pizzerias result in an immediate call to the business. Many mobile web apps provide the bonus service of allowing their customers to quickly order food of their choice and pay for it right on their mobile device. And most popular is an easy-to-see and touch button that allows the customer to call the restaurant.

Text and pictures on mobile-friendly sites fit the smaller screens found on smartphones, allowing users to easily view the contents of a website, view product pictures, and most importantly, seamlessly navigate through the purchase process. Users also expect to easily compare products as they stroll through a retail store. While they are searching and comparing, 63% will immediately close a site if it’s not mobile-friendly, and 79% of mobile users share their product and service experiences in social media networks.

Mobile Web apps come with innovative features that help link businesses with their customers. Take for example: click-to-call, location and driving directions, and the popular Facebook and share button. Consumer are also given the valuable option of saving the mobile icon app of their favorite business directly on their smart phone. This is considered extremely valuable real estate. When a customer embeds their businesses of choice, like their favorite restaurant, spa or shop as an icon in their apps list, this increases repeat business.

“We at GoWebMo.com have found that consumers are waiting for restaurants to catch up with them. They are using their smart phone devices to find restaurants and what they are getting are sites they can’t—and won’t—navigate on their smaller screens. GoWebMo.com helps restaurants serve their customers better by creating a custom mobile-friendly app at an affordable price.”

30% of all U.S. restaurant searches are done on a mobile phone, and the numbers grow daily as the number of smart phones tops 4.2 billion sold. The future of search and online advertising will soon be largely dominated by mobile devices, and restaurants are on the front line of this change. Restaurants and Food Service is the number one industry to adapt so quickly to mobile, including health and wellness, travel and tourism, and automobile and transportation.

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