Harrison Continues to be the Leader in Brand Transfers on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Harrison Continues to be the Leader in Brand Transfers on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Dallas-based, award-winning architecture and design firm helps bring Slim Chickens, Pizza Hut, Chipotle, Hard Rock Café and more to the U.K.

Harrison Continues to be the Leader in Brand Transfers on Both Sides of the AtlanticHarrison is continuing to prove why it’s the go-to strategic architecture and design firm for U.S.-U.K. global brand transfers and expansions.

By offering its clients full end-to-end services – from branding, concept creation, storytelling and project management to architecture and interior design – Harrison’s strategic holistic approach is not an easy thing to come by. Slim Chickens can attest to the success of hiring Harrison to help introduce the popular Fayetteville-based brand to the U.K.

“Expanding your brand into an entirely new country is no easy feat, so partnering with the right architecture and design firm is extremely important,” said Richard Pigott, Head of Operations, Slim Chickens UK/Boparan Restaurant Group. “We chose to work with Harrison because of the value and breadth of services they offer. We set the brand direction, and then Harrison drive the entire process, which ensures design integrity from concept creation through design delivery and build out. They have offices in the U.S. and the U.K., so they were able to truly immerse themselves in the brand and bring our creative storytelling to life in a way that fits in each market. Together, we focus on every detail of the guest experience, even celebrating the brand through custom artwork inspired by the Delta Blues. Led by Kevin Grima, Creative Director of Harrison U.K., they did such an incredible job bringing 12 of our restaurants to the U.K. that we hired the Harrison Dallas team to also work on our brand stateside. We look forward to continuing this partnership and are delighted to have Harrison’s support as we grow the Slim Chickens brand throughout the UK.”

In addition to Slim Chickens, Harrison designed and supported multiple brands during their U.S.-U.K. transitions, including a six-year journey that repositioned and rolled out over 80 Pizza Hut locations throughout the U.K. Through extensive market studies and strategic brand analysis, Harrison concluded that U.K. customers were wanting more of an American experience through theatre and fun from the iconic brand, which repositioned Pizza Hut for success. Additional U.S.-based brands that Harrison has helped bring to the U.K. include: Chipotle, Marugame Udon and Hard Rock Café. Due to its in-depth knowledge of markets across both of these countries, Harrison’s services aren’t one-way. The firm has also helped bring U.K.-based brands like Nandos PERi PERi and German Doner Kebab to the U.S. and continues to work with Slim Chickens to drive the evolution of the brand.

There are a number of challenges that face any U.S. business transferring internationally, particularly if the intent is to introduce a scalable brand. In addition to cultural differences, non-standard restaurant footprints and code differences, there’s a large amount of competition that exists within a smaller landmass in the U.K. and guests generally have higher expectations for the design aesthetic of a restaurant. The opportunity for brands wanting to transfer is great, and with Harrison as a partner, no stone is left unturned. Harrison balances the excitement to develop with a considered approach that is backed up with research and understanding of the specific market conditions, competitors and local real estate. Harrison project management team works closely with their creative design team and client in the delivery of all projects within the local market through to completion.

Harrison creates engaging brands and crafts meaningful experiences which bring a brand’s strategy, interiors, architecture, packaging and digital worlds to life. During its brand architecture design, Harrison employs creative storytelling, thorough market research, business strategy workshops and more to tie the physical premises together with the concept’s story. To learn more about Harrison, visit harrison.hn.

Harrison is an award-winning, global strategic architecture and design consultancy renowned for creating successful new hospitality concepts, transforming existing brands and operations, and designing distinctive spaces that deliver memorable guest experiences. With offices in Dallas, London, Birmingham and Melbourne, Harrison has partnered with major global brands as well as local independent businesses to deliver 6,000+ projects. The company’s approach focuses on the guest journey; enhancing their experience through a unique storytelling process which differentiates brands from their competition. Harrison is built on a reputation for creativity, passion and vision which is expressed in the breadth of its extensive portfolio built over the last 32 years. For more information, visit harrison.hn and follow Harrison on Instagram.