Higher Wages Don’t Have to Mean Higher Labor Costs

Higher Wages Don't Have to Mean Higher Labor Costs

At Sales Temperature they understand the importance of lowering your labor costs as higher pay rates are mandated by new minimum wage laws.  With higher hourly labor costs, it’s becoming more and more difficult to maintain your profit margins. As a retailer you have to proactively manage your cost of labor as a percentage of revenue.

Sales Temperature has been leading the way in easy to use, accurate retail sales forecasting and providing the necessary tools to help you manage your labor costs

They’ve been listening to your needs and are very excited about their latest release!

Higher Wages Don't Have to Mean Higher Labor Costs

Accuracy Section – Owners/Operators now have the ability to monitor the accuracy of their forecast and manually adjust for short/long term external influences on sales.

Day of Week Averages – Instantly view day of week averages over any specific weeks. A more accurate average is created by looking at current year’s sales as well as historical sales.

Monthly Labor Targets – Owners/Operators now have the ability to set their specific labor rate targets on a month by month basis.

View forecast performance, adjust and save!


Higher Wages Don't Have to Mean Higher Labor CostsThe idea for Sales Temperature began 20 years ago when founder Jeff Wadsworth and his family purchased the first of two retail franchises. Shortly after the first grand opening, Jeff realized how important an accurate sales forecast would be to the success of their business. He set out to build the best excel spreadsheet the retail industry had ever seen. That effort was put on hold while Jeff spent the next 15 years building forecasting software for energy companies, during which time he worked with early Machine Learning tools. Jeff’s wife continued to run the franchises and he watched her struggle to accurately forecast sales for upcoming labor scheduling and purchasing needs. Jeff realized that there must be a better solution and it was possible with Machine Learning! Sales Temperature was then born with the goal of providing:  Daily Sales Forecast, Daily Customer Count, Daily Labor Costs and Daily Schedule Hours.