Houston’s Online Reservation Monopoly Starts to Crack as Upstart Eveve Captures 12% Online Bookings Share Within Four Months

Houston's Online Reservation Monopoly Starts to Crack as Upstart Eveve Captures 12% Online Bookings Share Within Four Months

“Goliath has finally met its David, as Eveve now Manages 20,000 Online Diners per Month in Houston”

Timothy Ryan, CEO and President of global online restaurant reservation leader EVEVE, announced today that they have inked ten new exclusive deals with some of Houston’s top chef driven restaurants including critically acclaimed Haven and Cove Cold Bar; Kata Robata, the city’s second most booked Japanese restaurant; Oxheart, voted no.1 restaurant in 2013 by the Houston Chronicle; Mockingbird; Soma Sushi; Osteria Mazzantini and the three Azuma restaurants.

Eveve now have relationships with five of the top ten most booked independently owned Houston restaurants.  The new restaurants join early adopters Benjy’s (Washington and Rice Village), Peli Peli, Tony Mandola’s and Latin Bites.  The two Benjy’s restaurants are comfortably amongst the city’s top 10 most booked independent restaurants, while Peli Peli is the area’s most booked independent outside of the 610 Loop.

Eveve now facilitates over 20,000 online diners per month in the greater Houston area, 12% of the 165,000 total online diners per month in the region.  Eveve’s new client restaurants are typically the busier and most successful restaurants, which means the upstart averages 1,380 online diners per month in Houston per restaurant, almost triple that of its rival.

“We’re succeeding in Houston for the same reasons we’ve become the majority supplier of online reservations in Minneapolis/St. Paul and for the same reasons we’ve gained significant market share in other markets around the country – we provide industry leading technology, and first class locally based support, but without the extortionate fees” said Eveve’s Ryan.  Several of Eveve’s Houston clients are paying just 15% of their previous fees.

“Opentable hasn’t been either financially or technologically feasible for many of its Houston clients for some time, but restaurant owners haven’t felt there was a viable alternative,” said Ryan.    “Now that Houston restaurant owners are getting the chance to become familiar with our much more affordable pricing model; our superior technology; and the ability we give restaurant owners to regain control of their marketing destiny and customer relationships, we are beginning to see the same type of growth that has allowed us to become the majority supplier of online bookings in the Twin Cities” added Ryan.

“There is a growing belief that Eveve is the way of the future for restaurants reservations and that the online reservation industry’s Goliath has finally met its David, said Ryan.”   “We succeeded in toppling Goliath in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and that city benefits from having the only meaningfully competitive landscape in North America, in this industry.  We feel we are on the verge of emulating that here in Houston, which is great news for the local restaurant community.”

A leading supplier of reservations in Europe and Australasia, Eveve first entered the US market 30 months ago.  “2013 was a record year for us,” said Ryan.   “We booked our three millionth all time diner in November, our total bookings grew by 70% and our revenues grew by 60%.”    “Serving clients in 22 states and two Canadian provinces we’ve emerged as Opentable’s leading U.S. competitor and are particularly competitive when it comes to very busy or elite restaurants which typically have a greater depth of requirement,” said Ryan.   Eveve is now the largest independently owned restaurant reservations supplier in the world, with operations in 11 countries.

For more information, please visit www.eveve.com.