How and Why Mobile Surveys Win over Paper-Based Questionnaires

How and Why Mobile Surveys Win over Paper-Based Questionnaires

Mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are huge whether we like it or not. Everyone has one and people use them literally everywhere. That provides a great variety of opportunities for your brand. When it comes to customer surveys and collecting feedback, mobile can be a good direction, too.

There are two sides to every coin. If we compare mobile surveys to paper-based surveys, there are many more benefits of mobile surveys and here is why.

Get feedback from customers in situations you’ve never been able to receive before

Smartphones and tablets make it possible to interact with people at every touchpoint with your brand. As they dine in your restaurant, spend a night at your hotel or as they actually use your product. Asking for your customers’ opinion at these specific steps wouldn’t be possible with other surveying methods or at least not that effectively.

Quicker results – Real-time feedback on-the-spot

Since people have their mobile devices always on them, you can have their feedback on-the-spot which can result real-time feedback in different situations. You can detect problems or new suggestions on time that can save you from losing customers without knowing about it. The sooner you know what your customers think, the faster you can reflect.

On-the-spot feedback also lets you evolve a closer relationship with your customers.

Higher response rate

Mobile surveys are shorter, easier and quicker for customers to fill. Less complexity results in more willingness to send a feedback which means a higher response rate. And not just a higher response rate but higher frequency so that you can continuously benefit from listening to your customers’ voice.

Less paperwork, easier analyzation

Feedback sent from electric device means no paperwork. Results can be analyzed from a dashboard that make data more transparent and quicker to work with. Filter your data or even export it if you can, to gain more insights.

Mobile customer surveys can be fun

People use their own devices to answer your questions and they can do that in seconds. Mobile surveys can be branded and designed to look beautiful. Creating a contest and offering some discount in return, make surveying fun and much more interesting for your customers to give feedback.

Difficulties to face – mobile surveys disadvantages

The disadvantage of mobile surveys in many cases is the presence of a decent network availability. In many cases, like restaurants or hotels, this isn’t a problem but it can be in other sectors.

Another problem can be lack of space. Although mobile devices become bigger and bigger, long questions are not suitable for smartphones. If you can focus on a specific area, you can create great surveys but if you really need to ask complex questions, mobile might not be the best choice. Mobile is great, just consider some factors before you start using it.

People paying their attention to their smartphones more than ever before. There is the time for you to do the same.

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