How Domino’s Pizza leverages mobile to reinvent customer interactions

How Domino's Pizza leverages mobile to reinvent customer interactionsOne of the most recognizable brands in America, Domino’s Pizza is using technology to drive better experiences and reinvent its brand to interact with consumers in the digital age, a company executive explained at eTail East 2014.

Between 2006 and 2008 Domino’s was in crisis due to plummeting sales and a less than stellar image thanks in large part to a lackluster product. The company underwent a Renaissance, starting with a public admission that its pizza was not up to par, and revamped the entire menu and its ingredients. Just as important, was how the brand got the new product to its customers. Through its pizza tracker and builder tools, the company made online and mobile ordering a cornerstone of its business.

“Marketing is really helping us reinvent what is a fifty-year old plus brand,” said Dennis Maloney, vice president of multimedia marketing with Domino’s.

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