How Sonic CEO Plans To Handle Fast Food’s Big Issues In 2016

How Sonic CEO Plans To Handle Fast Food's Big Issues In 2016

A shifting landscape is the new normal for fast food: Whether it’s the quest for all natural ingredients, procurement efficiency or social justice, all the major players have been looking for ways to respond to what consumers say they want and what they are willing to pay – all the while maintaining margins and gaining marketshare. Sonic CEO Clifford Hudson was asked about the larger cultural shifts he and others will face in 2016. Here are his answers:

The role of government and consumers’ increasing health concerns

Issues about food and health will be ongoing. “I think it’s appropriate that government is focusing on this, but consumers need to be aware of the impact. The industry also needs to educate itself about consumers’ needs and demands, and we need to evolve over time.  What this means for us in terms of our menu, we haven’t nailed it down yet. A regulator might prefer we not sell certain items, but it’s problematic when a consumer wants it. But we’ll stand ready to serve whatever they order.”

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