How to Increase Bar Sales During Football Season

How to Increase Bar Sales During Football SeasonThere’s no ignoring football this time of year—it’s everywhere, and hopefully that includes your bar! Using football to boost your sales is a great idea. There’s a lot you can do besides just putting the game on TV. Check out some of these tips and see how football can increase your bar sales.

Give discounts if your team scores.

Invested fans stay longer and buy more, and one way to get your customers invested in the game is by offering them a reward. You might try offering discounted drinks every time your team scores a touchdown or a free appetizer if the team scores a certain number of points. Fans who are waiting for a discount will hang around longer and probably buy their share of drinks in the meantime.

Upgrade your equipment.

If you really want football fans to hang out in your bar, old TVs and a barely-working sound system won’t do the trick. Make sure you have new, big televisions and position them so that everyone in the bar can see the game. If everyone enjoys their viewing experience, they’re likely to stay longer and order more—and come back next week.

Offer small plates.

Drinks aren’t everything—your customers will definitely get hungry during the game, but they might not necessarily want to pig out. So offer plenty of smaller snacks that are game appropriate. Customers may be more likely to buy some appetizers instead of a big meal.

Utilize your social media accounts.

Face it—your customers can watch the game from a million other bars, or even from the comfort of their own home. If you want them to come to you, you’ll need to remind them what you have to offer. So send out tweets or update your Facebook page on the day of the game to remind customers of any promotions. And don’t forget to post a picture of your bar setup on Instagram.

Change up your drink menu.

Get your customers in the spirit by offering some festive, football-appropriate drinks. Name a cocktail after your team or a star player.

Increase your staff.

Football fans definitely don’t want to take their eyes off the game to wait for a bartender. During games, make sure you have plenty of staff on hand to get whatever customers need and anticipate their needs.

Football season is a great opportunity to boost your bar sales! Keep these tips in mind to increase your business during games.

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