“How to Use Facebook For Profitable Restaurant Marketing” Report Released by RestaurantMarketingGuru.com

RestaurantMarketingGuru.com announces the release of a special report designed to help restaurant owners and managers increase their audience on Facebook.  The ebook, “How to Use Facebook for Profitable Restaurant Marketing” provides ideas and methods to help build a Facebook Fan following.

“Facebook has become an important way for restaurants to connect with their customers,” said David Archer, creator of RestaurantMarketingGuru.com. “It has truly become the new home of ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing, where a customer’s opinion good or bad, can be shared with their friends and go viral in the click of a mouse.”

This profit-producing report takes an in-depth look at how to build a restaurants’ fan base to increase the number of customers and potential guests they can reach every day. With a breakdown on different types of posts that get shared, commented on and ‘liked,’ this information helps restaurants (and other small businesses) build a growing number of loyal fans.

Facebook has topped 1 Billion users worldwide, which makes it important for restaurants to create an ongoing presence on the social network.

“How to Use Facebook for Profitable Restaurant Marketing” is available for purchase and immediate download on www.RestaurantMarketingGuru.com. This is the first in their new line of “Insane Profit Reports.”

The website RestaurantMarketingGuru.com was created by marketing executive David Archer to share his extensive experience with restaurant owners and managers, helping them increase customer counts, party size and check average. Mr. Archer also wrote the classic restaurant marketing manual, “Restaurant Marketing Secrets.”