How Trivia LIVE Creates a fun Atmosphere and Fills Slow Nights at Bars

How Trivia LIVE Creates a fun Atmosphere and Fills Slow Nights at BarsBuzztime’s Trivia LIVE™ turns a slow night at a bar or restaurant into a social, competitive event that drives traffic, boosts sales and brings guests back again and again. Even better: Buzztime’s Trivia LIVE™ is offered as part of the BEOND™ (Buzztime Entertainment On Demand) platform that integrates on-demand games with a sleek tablet and mobile capability. Guests can play along on their smartphones or the Buzztime Playmaker® tablet, which brings the new, easy-to-use technology that guests crave into your bar or restaurant.

But what makes Trivia LIVE different from the other trivia options available seven days a week on the Buzztime network? “LIVE” means it’s on-demand entertainment available to start at any day, any time. Plus, the available feature of a host can bring the excitement of a live competition right into any location. Your location’s host can be a charismatic employee already on staff or even a regular guest and trivia avid. The host sets the pace of the game and interacts with the players, bringing the fun and entertainment up a notch. Fun facts are provided with each question as a fallback the host can use to amuse players and even guests who haven’t joined in on the game.

Buzztime On-Demand

Trivia LIVE is a tried and true staple of Buzztime’s on-demand LIVE games, which also includes Hold’em LIVE™ for poker fans and OpinioNation LIVE™, a survey-based game that appeals to a broader, younger audience because answers are based on your opinion rather than how much you know. For bars looking to improve their atmosphere and patron experience, on-demand games are the answer. When guests want a side of trivia or poker to go with their meal, start a game of the crowd’s choice on the spot. Or set up scheduled events that guests will look forward to each week. You are in total control. And our Buzztime customer service team has the experience and skills to help with any requests.

Make Tuesday the New Friday

Tap into the competitive spirit of your customers to bring a lively bar atmosphere to a location, not just on Fridays – on any night of the week. Having an entertaining atmosphere that your guests can enjoy causes them to stay longer and spend more money. Instead of just coming for a meal, guests come to your location for a whole experience: entertainment, food and fun. Make sure your location offers the total package!

LIVE on Location

After Jay Boyd, Owner of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Apollo Beach, FL, invited his guests to evenings of friendly Trivia LIVE competition, Jay increased sales 20 – 25% and boosted visits by 40% on Wednesday’s alone!

Not only are Jay’s new players returning, but his bar regulars have also embraced live trivia. Boyd notes, “It isn’t abnormal for 50 – 60 players to participate on any given Wednesday—and with a sales increase from an average of 1 pitcher/night/regular customer to 2 – 3 pitchers/night on Wednesdays, the numbers added up fast!

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