How Wendy’s Finally Knocked Burger King Down A Notch

There’s a restaurant in Wichita, Kan., that now offers a Bacon Portabella Black Label Burger (with mushroom sauce and Muenster cheese), an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, a Monterey Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich and an Asiago Ranch Chicken Club. Interested? No need for reservations. You can pick them all up at the Wendy’s drive-thru.

In fact, you can order most of these items at Wendy’s 6,000 restaurants worldwide.

Just a few years ago, when Americans hungered for exotic flavors or artisinal anything, they didn’t seek it at Wendy’s or any other fast-food establishment. But quick-service restaurants are redefining themselves, starting with changes to the sorts of menu items they offer.

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