Hundreds of New Restaurants Opening across the US Weekly

Hundreds of New Restaurants Opening across the US WeeklyHundreds of New Restaurants Opening across the US WeeklyEach week there are hundreds of new restaurants opening across the country. These restaurants need a variety of products and services before they are able to open and serve their customers. If you are a vendor to the restaurant community this is an excellent time for you to enter the sales process and present your products and services prior to their opening.

More often than not when you make a sales call on these new openings you find that they have already made their decisions or are in the process of reviewing other vendors. How did your competitors get in the door before you? provides you with the competitive advantage to get your company and products and services in the door first ahead of your competitors. Each week researches a variety of sources such as press releases, internet articles, social media, public records, news releases and a variety of other sources to find new restaurants that are opening in the future.

If you’re tired of getting beaten to the sale before you can even make a presentation for your products and services give FLHIP a call and let us help you find those restaurants are opening in your sales area before your competitors. We’ll show you leads around your area and let you decide if these are of interest to you.

Please give us a call or drop us a note and we’ll be happy to show you these leads at no charge.

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What do I get as a vendor?

  • Each vendor receives access to hundreds of new restaurants opening on a weekly basis via our online database.
  • Vendors have the ability to submit articles that will appear on her blog which will also appear on her Twitter feed and Facebook pages that would be of interest to the restaurant community. Visit it here.
  • Restaurant owners and managers can come to our site and click on request quote or any products and services they need for the restaurant. These quotes will then be turned over to the appropriate vendor or solicitation to this restaurant.
  • Vendors have the ability to place as many classified advertisements is a wish in our classified section at no charge.
  • Vendors will also be listed on our services available page which acts like a yellow page listing to enable our restaurant users to find products and services they need quick and easily .
  • FLHIP’s APP Flhip’s APP also allows restaurant owners and managers to find the products and services they need at their fingertips via their mobile phones and other devices. Check it out here.

Flhip’s APP’s new app allows both restaurants and vendors to communicate on an instantaneous basis. Restaurants have information available to them from both are blog and newsletters. Restaurants also have the ability to request a quote from many or just one vendor for any product or service they may need.

Vendors also had the ability to view new leads that are opening soon in their area.

Call or e-mail today to see the leads you have been missing.
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