In the moo-d for good burgers? It’s Mooyah!

When you mosey through the doors of Mooyah, prepare to be branded.

As you enter, crayon-colored cow cartoons decorate the wall to your left. Beneath your feet, the floor’s a Holstein black and white. Cute cows gaze down from photographs at the far end of the long room, next to a chalkboard headed “Moodledoodle” that invites more kid art.

The new burger joint on Cantrell Road – the second of potentially many in Arkansas for the Frisco, Texas-based chain – drives its concept hard: a fresher take on burgers, shakes and fries, with kids the focus of the setting and the food. And the concept works. There’s always room for a family-oriented fast-food place that does a few things well.

The menu isn’t quite as limited as the cow decor suggests (and in fairness, potatoes get a lot of play around the restaurant, too). In addition to beef-based burgers, Mooyah offers a turkey burger and a flavorful veggie burger with a Southwestern flavor, as well as a pleasantly substantial bratwurst-like hot dog.

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