In the Search for Healthier Brands, 1851 Franchise Reports More and More Franchisees Are Looking to Grow with Smoothie King

In the Search for Healthier Brands, 1851 Franchise Reports More and More Franchisees Are Looking to Grow with Smoothie King

From Pizza to Smoothies: Franchisees are Diversifying Their Portfolios with Help of Smoothie King.

In the Search for Healthier Brands, 1851 Franchise Reports More and More Franchisees Are Looking to Grow with Smoothie KingSince 2011, Naveed Mohammed and Renee Peterson have been bringing sweet treats to Trinidad and Tobago.

Over the course of five years, the husband-and-wife team has opened a total of seven Cinnabon stores and four Auntie Anne’s throughout this Caribbean nation. But over time, they began noticing a shift in the foods their customers craved. Healthier fare was in demand – the only problem was, Trinidad and Tobago had very few options. So when Mohammed and Peterson decided it was time to diversify their portfolio, the duo turned to a brand that was a far-cry from the sweet baked-goods category they had become so familiar with – Smoothie King.

“Trinidadians love big brands and convenient food offerings, but there is a real gap in the better-for-you market. Renee and I see an opportunity to cater to people making better decisions about what they put into their bodies. Making the decision to bring Smoothie King to Trinidad and Tobago was the right avenue to go down to meet their needs, and it was a way for us to expand our portfolio by trying something completely different,” Mohammed said.

Smoothie King is becoming a beacon for franchisees turning to the better-for-you market. For nearly 28 years, Scott Kilburn worked his way through the ranks at Pizza Hut – starting as an area manager and climbing his way to the top as director of restaurant support services in Dallas, Texas. Satisfied with his success, Kilburn decided to retire early and pursue his dream of business ownership. By 2011, Kilburn opened his first Smoothie King location in Dallas, Texas, and within two years, he opened three additional units in Frisco, Allen and Plano. His decision to leave behind a career with Pizza Hut to grow with Smoothie King was a simple one – there was a great demand in Texas for more nourishing options.

“I was running a lot of markets with Pizza Hut that several Smoothie King stores were in, and I noticed how fast the brand was growing. When I became a regular Smoothie King guest, I quickly realized that there weren’t enough Smoothie King locations throughout the Dallas area I saw a need for the brand,” Kilburn said. “I saw that peoples’ tastes were turning to convenience and health, and Smoothie King has long positioned itself as just that – they specialize in a product that makes it easy and enjoyable to support your health and fitness plans. This is a brand that knows how to grow and evolve with the times.”

Lane Trogdon shares a similar story. After years of working with Domino’s Pizza in Greensboro, North Carolina, he looked at his move to the Wilmington area as an opportunity for a fresh start. For the past few years, Trogdon had struggled with achieving his own health goals, so he turned to a brand whose benefits he knew would be twofold – Smoothie King. Not only would he become a franchisee with one of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative wellness brands, but Smoothie King also served as a stepping stone to help Trogdon finally reach his personal lifestyle ambitions. By replacing meals with Smoothie King, maintaining a low-calorie diet, and practicing mixed martial arts as part of his regular exercise routine, Trogdon lost a total of 100 pounds. Last year, Trogdon and his business partner signed a deal with Smoothie King for a total of 55 units throughout the East Coast.

“I really respect what the brand stands for. A lot of people can’t take that kind of pride in the businesses they represent,” Trogdon said. “We know Smoothie King is going to take off under the watch of CEO Wan Kim, and I’m so excited to be able to contribute to Smoothie King’s success.”

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