Industry Leader United Franchise Group Adds Food to Its Menu of Global Franchise Brand Offerings

Industry Leader United Franchise Group Adds Food to Its Menu of Global Franchise Brand Offerings
Gary Lengel, United Franchise Group Executive Vice President and new food division leader.

Industry Leader United Franchise Group Adds Food to Its Menu of Global Franchise Brand OfferingsAs some economists forecast a trimming of American household entertainment budgets the timing could not be better for United Franchise Group’s foray into the food industry with an addition of a premium quality yet affordable sandwich restaurant.  The franchiser has added Jon Smith Subs to its menu of brands, which include several global industry-leading names, and operating in nearly 80 countries.

Prior to adding this first food brand, United Franchise Group franchises were primarily business-to-business service providers such as Signarama, EmbroidMe, and Transworld Business Advisors.

But the West Palm Beach franchise empire that launched those brands in the past three decades, consistently stretches for new opportunities and succeeds in expanding their family of brands with winning models from business sectors that are new to them.  Most recently, the company acquired Experimac, a technology sales and repair service, and is now actively expanding that brand across the country.  The company adds Jon Smith Subs as its first food franchise to their enterprise.

Jon Smith, who founded his burgeoning company in 1988, is indisputably an adventurer, seeking thrills of every sort.  Over the decades he has become an avid motorcyclist, a small plane pilot, a horse trainer, a race car champion, and a star in his own band and launched several other successful businesses.

Some would say that Smith expanded that same adventurous passion to selling his unusually high quality sub sandwiches with predictable reliability no matter how much his restaurants grew.  He refined methods and systems for everything related to sandwich making, starting with selection and efficient handling of premium meats that range from marinated sirloin steaks, whole breast of chicken or tuna to hot pastrami or authentic Italian cold cuts which are hand sliced in each restaurant.

The company began describing their sandwiches as marked by Smith’s “thrill of the grill,” and in time the little chain of sandwich shops known for super high quality food that included crispy fries served with each sandwich, had grown to nine Florida locations.

The consistent quality that Smith and staff brought to Florida sandwich markets drew United Franchise Group’s attention.  The franchiser purchased Jon Smith Subs in early 2016, and initially plans to sell 50 shops worldwide in 2017 according to its Executive Vice President and new food division leader, Gary Lengel.

“We have been approached by other food operators about franchising many times in the past and declined to partner with them.  But Jon Smith Subs is such a unique, flavorful offering, with a long history and extraordinary earnings, we knew this was the opportunity we had been waiting for,” said Lengel.

The first franchised Jon Smith Subs opened in late October at 10120 Forest Hill Blvd. in Wellington, Florida.  Other locations have already been sold and will be opening in Orlando, Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Atlanta before expanding throughout the U.S. and globally.

As a twenty-five-year food industry veteran, Lengel says the sub sandwich chain brings a fresh opportunity to franchise markets, “There is nothing else like the flavor profile in a Jon Smith’s sub.  We use only high-quality ingredients, cooked up fresh on the grill and served with an order of award winning French fries, says Lengel.

“We have the systems and people in place to provide site research and set up assistance, marketing and on-going support”, he continues.

The cost to open a unit ranges from $250,000 to $400,000. Lengel says.  “In most cases we have financing available of 60%-75%, making your initial investment $100,000-$125,000.  We also offer area developer opportunities for multiple units from city, regional, to statewide and master licenses are available outside of the U.S.”

For Jon Smith Subs Area Developer opportunities, please phone 888.978.3171 or visit

Founded in 1988, Jon Smith Subs was recently acquired by West Palm Beach based United Franchise Group. Currently there are nine locations in Palm Beach County, Florida with plans to expand the sandwich chain worldwide.

Led by CEO Ray Titus, United Franchise Group houses a successful group of business-to-business franchise systems. The United Franchise Group specializes in personalized business services including signs, embroidery, business brokerage and outdoor advertising.  With nearly three decades in the franchising industry and more than 1400 franchisees throughout the world, United Franchise Group offers unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Industry Leader United Franchise Group Adds Food to Its Menu of Global Franchise Brand Offerings