Interactive Online Menus Help Restaurants Attract More Customers

George Soules Photography today announces a new service to create online interactive menus for restaurants. To stay ahead of the competition, restaurant owners need a variety of strategies to convince diners to choose their establishment over the one next door. One of the newest and most effective ways to attract new customers and remind regulars why they should come back again is to use interactive menus on restaurant web sites.

An interactive restaurant menu lets people move their mouse over entrées and other menu items – or touch them on a mobile device – to view mouth-watering photographs of the food. Some interactive restaurant menus also include detailed descriptions, ingredients, or prices.

The service is simple and affordable – restaurant owners provide a digital menu image and food photos.  In return they receive everything needed to integrate the interactive menu with the restaurant’s web site. Adding an interactive menu to a web site is as easy as pasting a few lines of HTML into a web page. Restaurants that do not have a web site can even use the resulting interactive menu as a standalone site. Pricing starts at $299 for an interactive menu with up to 50 photos (not including photography).

“Adding enticing food photographs to an online menu helps convince customers to walk through your doors instead of the competition,” says George Soules, owner of George Soules Photography. “Combining beautiful images with an easy-to-use interactive experience is one of the best ways to make your restaurant stand apart. The name of the game is convincing consumers that your restaurant offers what they are looking for.”

According to the January 2o12 Restaurant & Foodservice Industry Review conducted by AlixPartners, 42% of customers rely on digital media to make dining-out decisions, a number that continues to increase. Consumers want to be convinced of the value of what they are paying for and want to be assured of a first-rate dining experience. Offering excellent food photos and an interactive menu is a unique opportunity to connect with customers and increase sales. Nothing makes people hungrier than seeing mouth-watering photos of delicious food.

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