Is Your Outdoor Dining Area Closed This Winter?

Is Your Outdoor Dining Area Closed This Winter?Is Your Outdoor Dining Area Closed This Winter?

Is Your Outdoor Dining Area Closed This Winter?Being able to dine outside is the preferred option for most diners, especially when the temperature and weather conditions line up. Roll-A-Cover decided to make outdoor dining a year-round occurrence with its retractable enclosure product line. Business owners no longer need to worry about the weather conditions when seating patrons and booking parties on their outdoor dining area.

Royal Warsaw in Elmwood Park, NJ had a large outdoor dining area, however, on rainy summer nights and winter months the area could not be used. The restaurant was losing revenue on valuable dining space. In January 2017, Roll-A-Cover installed two retractable lean-to enclosures on Royal Warsaw’s patio, giving the restaurant a year-round revenue producing area. The restaurant has many intrigued and stopping by to see the new addition to this already popular establishment. Royal Warsaw’s new and improved outdoor space will be open for dining by the end of February 2017.

Roll-A-Cover has been installing trackless retractable enclosures for over a decade on patios around the globe to protect guests during inclement weather. Likewise, the enclosures can quickly open allowing customers to enjoy the spring air and summer sun.

Roll-A-Cover, International is America’s largest manufacturer of trackless retractable enclosure products. When the weather becomes inclement you will quickly and easily be able to close your retractable enclosure and still utilize your outdoor area. This allows your customers to be outdoors or indoors rather than having a permanent structure year-round. Roll-A-Cover has earned 14 North American awards for its retractable enclosure products and is continuing to cover restaurant patios, rooftops, and swimming pools across the globe. Don’t waste valuable outdoor dining space and lose money. Generate revenue year-round with a Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure. For more information, please visit, call 866-393-7292, or email You can also follow us on twitter @rollacover!

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