Is Your Restaurant Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Restaurant Website Mobile Friendly?

According to the latest figures from Google, everyday over 1.3 million Android phones are activated along with 70,000 tablets and those numbers do not include Apples iPhones and iPads.  All these people are now searching on their new smart phones for information. 60% of those searches are local searches, people looking for a restaurant, bar, pizzas, doctors, mechanics, hotels, and the list goes on and on.

The problem is that only about 90% of websites are smart phone friendly.  If someone searches on a smart phone and the website is not “mobile ready”, and they cannot read it, CLICK and they move on to the next site.

Websites were designed for PC’s or laptops and not the small screens of a smart phone.  If your website is not “Mobile Friendly”, you are losing business. Restaurants and bars are being affected the most by not being “Mobile Friendly” and they do not even know it.

Going Mobile Apps has a solution for this problem and are offering a 3 part smart phone program. First, they will make your website “Mobile Friendly”.  Second is their QR code program to help you expand and build your client list. Third, well you have to sign up for that.

Visit the website and sent them your website domain and they will send you a free demo of what your website would look like if it were “Mobile Ready”. If you decide to make these improvements to your site, there is a special sign –up link for restaurants and bars.

Please visit or email info(at)