Kangaroo Sells Out Within Hours at Hell’s Kitchen

Kangaroo Sells Out Within Hours at Hell's Kitchen

Endorsed by Greenpeace as Environmentally Responsible

Introduced less than 24 hours ago on the newest incarnation of the Hell’s Kitchen menu, Kangaroo steaks generated immediate buzz and sold out during the downtown restaurant’s first dinner offering.

Before animal rights advocates get up in arms, they should be aware that Australian environmentalists and even Greenpeace have strongly urged kangaroo consumption to fight global warming. “We’re very aware of this potentially controversial addition to our menu,” explained Hell’s Kitchen co-owner Cynthia Gerdes. “In fact, when our Executive Chef Joe Wuestenhagen first suggested it, I thought he was joking. But upon further research, I was stunned to learn that for years, Greenpeace has strongly urged more kangaroo consumption to help lower global warming.”

According to Australia’s Herald Sun, Greenpeace energy campaigner Mark Wakeham said that substituting roo meat instead of red meat helps reduce land clearing and the release of methane gas from flatulent cattle and sheep. “It’s one of the lifestyle changes we can make,” he urged. “Changing our meat consumption habits is a small way to make an impact.”

Dr. Mark Diesendorf, in a 2007 report commissioned by Greenpeace, said “Kangaroos do not emit greenhouse gases. They are not hooved animals either, so they don’t damage the soil.” The University of NSW in Sydney researcher explained that small changes, even among greenhouse gas emissions, would make a difference to avoid a climate change catastrophe. “There’s a small sub-set of environmentalists who see the kangaroo as a cuddly animal which should be left alone,” continued Dr. Diesendorf. “They are entitled to their view, but more and more people are moving towards eating it.”

The naturally organic meat, prepared as steaks at Hell’s Kitchen, has a beefy, slightly sweet and smoky flavor and is extremely lean. It’s also considered extremely healthy. Australia’s chief scientific body, the CSIRO, has determined that kangaroo meat could well be considered the highest known source of the healthy fat CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). While CLA is found in dairy, beef and lamb products, the CLA found in kangaroo meat may be as much as five times as great. Research indicates that CLA has potential anti-cancer and anti-diabetes properties, as well as helping reduce the incidence of obesity and high blood pressure.

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