KFC Introduces New $10 Weekend Buckets

KFC Introduces New $10 Weekend Buckets

For the first time ever, KFC is offering $10 Weekend Buckets – 10 pieces of freshly prepared chicken for only $10. The limited-time-only offer kicks off on Saturday, Oct. 12 and is available every weekend through Nov. 24. Guests can choose from KFC’s famous Original Recipe chicken, Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken or even the brand’s new Original Recipe Boneless. And for families who have a hard time deciding on a favorite, they can mix and match any recipe for their $10 Weekends Buckets.

The introduction of $10 Weekend Buckets follows the recent launch of KFC’s Go Cups, which include a choice of chicken and Potato Wedges in a portable container for only $2.49. Now the brand is well positioned to meet its guests’ value needs, whether they’re snacking or planning for a family meal.

“Value has never been more important to our guests than it is today, and KFC has never been better equipped to meet those value needs,” said Jason Marker, Chief Marketing Officer for KFC U.S. “Hot on the heels of launching our $2.49 Go Cup, the introduction of $10 Weekend Buckets provides a ‘Wow! value’ for meals with family or friends during the best time of the week – the weekend.”

KFC last offered $10 Buckets in mid-2011, but the deal was available only on Sundays. The current limited-time-only offer extends the $10 deal throughout the entire weekend, allowing value seekers to enjoy their favorite KFC chicken at a great price on both Saturday and Sunday.

The television commercials for $10 Weekends begin airing tonight, and touch on the insight that there is something special about weekends – the best get-togethers, the best parties and the best sporting events. Now, KFC fans can enjoy one of the best deals around to celebrate those gatherings.

$10 Weekend Buckets Feature Couchgating Info

Speaking of sporting events, KFC’s $10 Weekend Bucket graphics will feature Couchgating – the act of watching a sporting event from the comfort of the couch while enjoying delicious KFC chicken. Visit KFC’s Facebook page to check out the official rules of Couchgating, such as the “false start” (eating on the drive home) or “delay of game” (losing track of the remote before kickoff). You can also find out how to share your best photos and videos using the hashtag #couchgating. In addition to getting a great deal on a $10 Weekend Bucket, you might also end up becoming a KFC Couchgating Legend!

You Could Be a Winner in KFC’s Ultimate Couchgating Sweepstakes

For your chance to meet FOX Sports Rules Analyst Mike Pereira and take home an official Couchgating couch from the NFL on FOX set, as well as a trip to visit the set in Los Angeles, visit www.foxsports.com/couchgating. The trip includes airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and spending money. The sweepstakes runs through December 3, 2013. For complete details and Official Rules, visit the URL listed above.