Krystal Announces All-Day Happy Hour on Wednesday, March 16

Krystal Announces All-Day Happy Hour on Wednesday, March 16

Great Happy Hour Deals Available from Open to Close for One Day Only

Just one month ago, Krystal unveiled its all-new Happy Hour menu on select signature items every day between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. This special offering has been a big success, featuring deals like a $.59 Krystal, a $.79 Krystal with Cheese, and a $.99 loaded Krystal with Cheese and Bacon. On March 16, the restaurant brand is celebrating the tremendously popular Happy Hour launch by extending the special pricing for a full day and one day only.

“The launch of Krystal’s Happy Hour has been great for our communities,” said Jason Abelkop, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal. “The 2-5 p.m. Happy Hour appeals to our guests, who have told us that they really enjoy an afternoon snack, and that our Happy Hour fulfills those cravings. Holding an all-day Happy Hour event just gives, even more, people a chance to enjoy our steamy, tasty, and delicious Krystals at a price normally only available during regular Happy Hour periods.”

The Happy Hour menu first became available on February 15, and since then participating restaurants have seen guests of all ages from teenagers to grandparents taking advantage of the price break. “We created Happy Hour for a specific need,” added Abelkop, “And we’re seeing our guests enjoy it every day.” After March 16, the Happy Hour menu will continue to be available at participating restaurants from 2-5 p.m. “We’re thrilled with the response,” Abelkop explained. “Our aim is to offer our craveable and unique taste you can’t find anywhere else at a price you can’t find anywhere else….unique taste and exceptional value are always part of the Krystal experience.”Krystal Announces All-Day Happy Hour on Wednesday, March 16

Founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1932, The Krystal Company is the oldest quick service restaurant chain in the South.  Its hamburgers are still served fresh and hot off the grill on the iconic square bun at more than 350 restaurants in 11 states. Krystal’s Atlanta-based Restaurant Support Center serves a team of 6,000 employees.  For more information, visit or or follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram @Krystal.