Krystal Has the Right Stuff(ing) For the Holiday Season

Krystal Has the Right Stuff(ing) For the Holiday Season

Brings back popular recipe featuring Krystal burgers

Krystal Has the Right Stuff(ing) For the Holiday SeasonKrystal, the original quick-service restaurant chain in the South, is bringing back their stuffing recipe just in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. The recipe features the popular Krystal burgers with a unique spin on an already classic dish.

“Look, stuffing is a star of the Thanksgiving table, and this recipe ensures that your star shines brighter than them all,” said Alice Crowder, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal Restaurants, LLC. “We’re encouraging everyone to bring this classic back to their table this season, or be delighted for the first time. You won’t even need a turkey!”

The Krystal stuffing recipe was introduced in 2014 and has since been a fan favorite over the holidays. To create the stuffing recipe, guests should purchase one steamer pack of 24 Krystals. The recipe serves between 10 to 15 people and requires 20 of the square burgers. Your calculations aren’t wrong! There are intentionally an extra four Krystal burgers for the chef, so they can enjoy a little treat for their work in the kitchen. To access this one-of-a-kind recipe, visit

Many Krystal locations will be open on Thanksgiving. To see if your local store will be open, please visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.