Le Boulanger Announces “We’re Still Here!”

Le Boulanger Announces "We're Still Here!"

Popular Sunnyvale Based Bread Maker and Operator of 17 Bakery-Cafés, Pronounced Luh-Boo-Lawn-Zhay Makes an Announcement on the Heels of Recent Mistaken Identity!

Le Boulanger Announces "We're Still Here!"Le Boulanger, Inc., the Northern California family-owned Bay Area bread maker and operator of 17 bakery-cafes, Chief Executive Officer, Dan Brunello announced today, “We’re still here,” on the heels of mistaken identity from this week’s announcement regarding another similar sounding company name, La Boulange, stating they were closing their locations.  To avoid confusion, Le Boulanger, is spelled with an “Le” not “La,” and ends with an “r”, is pronounced:  Luh-Boo-Lawn-Zhay, (French for “the baker”), and has been in operations in the South Bay Area since 1981.

“We are proud to reassure our longtime loyal guests and partners that all of our 17 bakery-cafes are OPEN for business, serving our fresh pastries and sandwiches,” said Brunello.  “Our manufacturing facility in Sunnyvale is still operating with our artisan bakers proudly making thousands of loaves of bread and pastries for wholesale and catering orders,” he continued. “We appreciate and thank all them for their continued patronage.”

In 1981 the first Le Boulanger opened in downtown Los Altos.  Just a tiny, 14-seat café that offered delicious sourdough and specialty breads, along with a continuously expanding menu.  Today Le Boulanger serves 17 communities with their fresh baked breads and cafes and a wholesale division, which bakes for more than 400 restaurants, colleges, country clubs, business and industrial food service providers, airports, hotels, and is a proud partner of the new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers.

The bakers at Le Boulanger use a century-old method to make their famous sourdough bread that requires a complex and lengthy fermentation process, resulting in the delicate flavor and texture that has led to its reputation of being the best sourdough in the Bay Area.  Never any additives or added ingredients, Le Boulanger makes fresh bread daily without anything but real ingredients.

Le Boulanger catering continues to fuel the creative minds driving the dot.com industry, providing fresh coffee and sandwiches to countless executive board meetings at businesses throughout the Silicon Valley.

Besides its long baking history, Le Boulanger is proud of its deep connections in the South Bay Area communities and has partnered with dozens of national, regional and local organizations through events, “Dough-raisers”, bakery tours and donations for nearly 35 years.

Le Boulanger is unmistakable for its commitment to customer service, to the highest quality ingredients, and its dedication to ensure the success of its company for the next 30 years and beyond.  Visit: www.leboulanger.com

Linda Duke