Lobster Pot Expands Through Franchising

Lobster Pot Expands Through Franchising

Lobster Pot Expands Through FranchisingFor nearly forty years the Lobster Pot family has been dedicated to the winning combination of outstanding food and exceptional service. We’ve developed an extensive, impressive and creative menu that keeps the guest experience at its core.

We guide your franchise with business savvy and practical systems that make it all work for the bottom line. The Lobster Pot is not about simply producing food and delivering it to a table. It’s a gathering place that connects with people.

Lobster Pot Expands Through Franchising

Our Experience Is Your Key to Success!

Bring the taste of Cape Cod to your community with a Lobster Pot franchise location. Your empowerment is our goal. We remove the guesswork with a proven model, unparalleled training and marketing support, plus much more.

We feature a combination of practical and philosophic knowledge that lets you know what to expect from our relationship & how to establish and manage a successful Lobster Pot franchise.

Lobster Pot Expands Through Franchising

The Real Difference

An incredible menu that features New England lobster, our famous soups, big bowls of steaming bouillabaisse, generous cuts of fresh fish, steaks and so much more. The kind of meals that guests fall in love with but it goes beyond that. We show you how to serve excellent food while keeping costs in line.

An outstanding training & support system that works for management and staff. Our standards for running a successful franchise come from more than 40 years of experience with the brand. From the manager’s office to the front & back of the house, we show you how it’s done right.

A comprehensive advertising, marketing and social media strategy with a track record of success. The Lobster Pot integrates your franchise into our extensive network of loyal customers. People are committed to the brand and we show you how to connect to them with programs of your own.

Lobster Pot Expands Through Franchising

Proven Systems That Work

The Lobster Pot has developed systems for tracking and analyzing expenses in ways that make real sense for franchises. These proven methods help you to manage your business with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly where you stand. We invite you to learn more about joining the Lobster Pot family! Just click below to get started.

With the Lobster Pot you can find:

  • Real Estate Assistance
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Training Programs
  • Brand Recognition
  • A well-known brands that been around for 40 years!

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