Local Entrepreneurs Hope to Open 20 Sarpino’s Pizzerias in Houston Area

Local Entrepreneurs Hope to Open 20 Sarpino's Pizzerias in Houston Area

David Gantcher (left) and Vuong Vu, owners of a Sarpino’s Pizzeria in Houston and Humble, TX

Local Entrepreneurs Hope to Open 20 Sarpino's Pizzerias in Houston AreaMost would be hard-pressed to find anyone at the age of 24 that could be called a veteran. But for David Gantcher, who has been involved with Sarpino’s Pizzeria since his father opened a location in Humble, Texas when Gantcher was 15, that distinction fits him to a T.

Gantcher eventually took over that location and, along with new partner Vuong Vu, has recently opened a second location in the Houston area. The two are looking for investors to help them realize their dream of bringing a total of 20 units of the popular Chicago based pizza chain to Houston and surrounding areas within the next five years.

For both Gantcher and Vu, entrepreneurialism runs in their blood. With eleven years of experience as part of the Sarpino’s family, Gantcher knows the ins and outs of what makes the pizza franchise founded on authentic, Italian recipes and fresh ingredients as successful as it’s been in Chicago and other areas. Vu previously owned two Wingstop locations for six years after coming to the U.S.

“That’s how we met,” says Gantcher; “my father was at first considering selling his Sarpino’s location to retire. Vu was interested in buying it. By the end of a long discussion we found out we wanted the same things and had the same goals; to bring a fantastic, successful brand to Houston and build many with a great team. Within five years, I could see us with 20 locations in the Houston area. Pizza is recession-proof, and with Sarpino’s recipes it can put us on the top.”

“I came to America penniless and without a suitcase,” says Vu. “I learned not just how to work hard, but how to work smart. Having my Sarpino’s franchise represents nothing less than my chance to live out my dream.”

Sarpino’s Pizzeria currently has 46 fully operational locations in eight states across the U.S. They have a total of 65 fully executed franchise agreements. They expect to have 65 locations open by the end of 2015 and 350 locations within five years. Target markets with current store opportunities include Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC.