Los Angeles Based Chain 9021Pho Announces New Chief Operating Officer Ric Gordon

Los Angeles Based Chain 9021Pho Announces New Chief Operating Officer Ric Gordon

Ric Gordon

Chief Executive Officer Alfred DeCarolis announces today that Ric Gordon will be joining the ranks of 9021Pho (www.9021Pho.com) as Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.

Ric brings a wealth of operations and marketing experience to 9021Pho, a Vietnamese and French fusion restaurant chain based in Los Angeles, California. Ric spent the last two years as Senior Director of Operations of LYFE Kitchen where he oversaw locations in California, Texas, Nevada and Colorado. Previous to that he spent time as a Managing Partner at AMG Restaurants and 13 years as a Market Partner at the renowned P.F. Chang’s China Bistro where he was responsible for up to 9 stores in Southern and Northern California, with annualized sales between $35 to $40 million.

Ric will help the company develop the 9021Pho franchise model across the country while it continues to open new company owned restaurants in Denver, Los Angeles, and Minnesota. 9021Pho currently has five successful locations in the Los Angeles area.

In the Spring the team will also roll out its next concept, Broken Rice, set to open its first location in Denver. Broken Rice is a modern Vietnamese food in a lively contemporary setting for those craving a taste of authentic Vietnamese food with a healthy modern California twist. Broken Rice is set up to be an escape to Vietnam without actually stepping foot inside its borders.

The timing of Mr. Gordon’s hire could not be better as 9021Pho has taken the last six months to focus on the quality of operations, with a new executive chef, Kevin Hee along with a new menu. 9021Pho is reemerging in a fresh way and CEO Alfred DeCarolis feels that Ric is the perfect executive to drive this home in the restaurants current and future locations. “Ric obviously brings an operational side to this role but also experience in the lifestyle market, which is an expertise we are excited to have in the fold as we have lots coming up in the next couple of years and Ric is the perfect guy to work with in this expansion.”Los Angeles Based Chain 9021Pho Announces New Chief Operating Officer Ric Gordon

Mr. Gordon added, “I’m looking forward to working with Alfred and the 9021Pho team. It’s an exciting time to join this group and broaden the 9021Pho brand.”

While undergoing rapid growth and expansion, the 9021Pho restaurant group remains dedicated to providing quality dishes and personal service, as they have become known for doing.