Maintenance Free Chemical Dispensing System

Maintenance Free Chemical Dispensing System
Innovatech USA, LLC has developed a unique proprietary chemical dispensing system focused on the Supermarket, Convenience Store, Quick Service Restaurant, Schools and the Industrial,Health Care and Contract Cleaning segments.

Under the “BUNCY” brand of chemicals, Innovatech USA, LLC will offer a complete line of concentrated chemicals in its proprietary 3 liter bottle and dispensing feature. No equipment to purchase or lease, no service calls, no down time to your facility. The “BUNCY” chemical products are highly concentrated to yield a low RTU dilution cost, thus saving the facility bottom line dollars.

Innovatech USA, LLC provides a no-chemical contact system which prevents the glugging of open gallon chemicals by your employees and eliminates costly mixing mistakes. This no-chemical contact system promotes end user safety and protects the environment.

Maintenance Free Chemical Dispensing SystemInnovatech USA, LLC is dedicated to provide the highest Quality and Service standards in the industry. With offices based in Chicago, Innovatech USA, LLC will provide its unique chemical dispensing systems for Triple Sink, Mop Station and Foaming/Sanitizing dispensing applications.  For more information, please visit

Richard Karczewski
Business Development Manager