Major Growth for Vegan Restaurant Chain

Major Growth for Vegan Restaurant Chain

Blossom Du Jour is thrilled to announce a major expansion, one that makes it the largest vegan restaurant chain in Manhattan and also puts the food in the hands of Whole Foods customers.

Blossom Du Jour is proud to announce the upcoming opening of it’s second Upper West Side location. The quick serve spot will open in late June on 81st and Amsterdam. The full menu, including all the baked goods, will be available.

Just a few months later the popular vegan restaurant chain will open in a coveted spot in the Empire State Building. This will bring vegan and vegetarian food to an area where there aren’t a lot of meat-free options. It will also be the first Blossom Du Jour in the middle of a highly trafficked tourist area. We are excited to introduce our food now to tourists who may have not visited one of our other restaurants. When this location opens it will bring Blossom Du Jour up to five NYC locations.

We are also proud to announce that some of Blossom Du Jour’s products are now available at the Whole Foods in Chelsea and Union Square with more stores hopefully carrying the products soon, as well. Products at Whole Foods include our Almond Biscotti Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Choco Brownie Bites, Oatmeal Cookies & Pot Pies.

Major Growth for Vegan Restaurant Chain

Blossom Du Jour owner Pamela Elizabeth says “To be able to share our food line through a venue like Whole Foods and potentially reach millions of people with our vegan edibles is truly an exciting opportunity.”

Elizabeth says “Blossom Du Jour Foods is a perfect fit for where the world is headed today. More and more people are living a conscious lifestyle and want to be able to buy healthy, delicious, freshly packaged foods that allows them to indulge without having to worry about eating harmful ingredients, additives and cholesterol.” She goes on to say, “Our edibles comfort your soul and palate, as well as your conscious knowing no animal products were used in the preparation of our products.”

In direct response to the ever growing need for “alternative fast food” options, restaurateur Pamela Elizabeth established Blossom Du Jour in 2010. Powered by our delicious and nutritious 100% vegan recipes, the quick serve restaurants has placed itself in the extraordinary position to make a positive impact on the environment as well as the daily lives of patrons by offering food and beverage choices that are healthful, environmentally conscious, and prepared quickly. In 2014 Blossom Du Jour will open it’s fifth NYC location. The restaurant’s baked goods are also available at select Whole Foods stores.