Managing the Community Side of Your Restaurant in 2015

Managing the Community Side of Your Restaurant in 2015Managing the Community Side of Your Restaurant in 2015Whether you are a national chain or an independent operator, restaurant fundraisers are a great way to drive sales & give back. With many local organizations starting to look online to discover which restaurants in their community give back, it is critical to have a clear fundraising program online.

To help restaurants do just that, has developed a turn-key fundraiser management system for restaurants looking to promote and manage their fundraising programs online.

“This classic marketing channel needed an update,” said CEO Devin Baptiste. “Many restaurants are excited to give back but customers need digital ways to book & promote fundraisers online. Walking around asking about programs or calling a location about community involvement is an outdated experience. Customers now look first online, and if they don’t see anything they go on to the next restaurant.”

Restaurant chain Jason’s deli is using GroupRaise nationally to manage their fundraising program and were able to generate over $538,000 in sales through GroupRaise meals last year (

When you list your restaurant on GroupRaise, you will be included in their fundraiser marketplace as well as receive a custom fundraiser request site to link to from your restaurant’s website. This is a great tool to share over social media or send out in your next newsletter. If you do not currently have a fundraising program, GroupRaise will help you create one in just a couple of minutes online.

If you’re interested in helping local groups book fundraisers with your restaurant online, GroupRaise might be the right solution for your restaurant. You can list your fundraising program at the link below:

Restaurants with more than 10 locations can also contact about listing their program.

2015 is a great year to better engage your community on- and off-line.