Maryland Restaurant Consulting adds new menu development and sales-building programs

Maryland Restaurant Consulting adds new menu development and sales-building programsChain-restaurant executives nationally to benefit from new data- and results-driven solutions

Maryland Restaurant Consulting, a Montgomery, County, Md.-based consultancy for restaurant companies, has added three new programs for the benefit of C-suite, operations, marketing and culinary executives nationally: Pace-Setter Menu Solutions, Market Business Coach Gold and Rio-LSM.The three services bolster the consulting solutions portfolio of Maryland Restaurant Consulting, headquartered just 15 miles from the Washington, D.C. border, for the benefit of its clients.

Pace-Setter Menu Solutions provides a wide range of customized trend research, trend application and menu development and rollout support to chain restaurants. Market Business Coach Gold is a preferred partnership that catalyzes high-growth comp sales for a restaurant chain’s units in specific markets. The program, originally operating West of Philadelphia, returns comp sales growth of 8% to 10% (vs. prior year) on average to existing clients.

Rio-LSM is a proprietary local-marketing solution for franchisors that delivers sales growth and profitability solutions to restaurant operating units in the DMV, Del./Pa./N.J. and Washington, D.C. markets. The service is customizable based on a franchisor’s goals and needs. Regardless of franchisor geographic location, restaurants in D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio will have access to the business-growth solution.

“By building a comprehensive suite of solutions, chain restaurant executives will have access to methodic, best-in class programs and will benefit from their results,” says Maryland Restaurant Consulting President Rick Zambrano. “We know a chain restaurant company’s value is intrinsically tied to its performance, so we’ll continue to provide data- and results-driven solutions so our clients can prosper both from a value perspective and an incentive and income perspective.”

Chain clients also have access to optional food purchasing solutions, including a group purchasing organization (GPO) option, available from sister services-firm, My Crown-Rio Foodservice Consulting. To learn more about the programs or to stay updated on new solutions, view the company’s presentations on slideshare:

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Rick Zambrano, an Arlington, Va. native and 14-year veteran of the food industry, is the founder and president of Maryland Restaurant Consulting, based in Montgomery County, Md., just 15 miles from the Washington, D.C. border. Having worked in the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry in a high-visibility analytical role and further strengthened his knowledge capital through publishing and food-trend research, Zambrano is well equipped to serve a range of restaurants, from independents with $1 million in sales to top chain restaurant executives with operations exceeding $100 million. His own published articles, as well as his insights, commentary and posts, appear in major industry trade journals and blogs.

Rick Zambrano