McDonald’s Finally Wakes Up to All-Day Breakfast

McDonald's Finally Wakes Up to All-Day Breakfast

McDonald’s will begin rolling out all-day breakfast nationwide on Oct. 6, a long-awaited move that could help boost sales for the flagging burger chain.

The move, following a vote Tuesday by franchisee leadership, is the boldest one yet under McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook, who was hired in March and has vowed to transform the Oak Brook-based fast-food giant into a modern burger chain. Up to this point, the turnaround plan has involved less headline-grabbing decisions, like cost-cutting measures and selling company-owned restaurants to franchisees.

But all-day breakfast is sure to create the most buzz among consumers and shareholders who have clamored for it for years.

“I think Steve (Easterbrook) has challenged us to take more risks,” said Mike Andres, McDonald’s U.S. president. “It’s emboldened us to not work so hard to get everything perfect. It’s a consumer-driven plan. Let’s put it to work, and people can tell us what comes and what goes.”

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