McDonald’s May Expand Build-Your-Burger Test

McDonald's May Expand Build-Your-Burger Test

McDonald’s is taking a page from their competitors in a bid to turn around flagging sales reports for the last few quarters. To recover from their worst drop in sales in the last 10 years, they’re testing a new “build your own burger” concept in four stores. The response from consumers in Southern California will determine if the entire country gets a chance to experience this phenomenon. It’s powered by a handy touch screen so customers can make requests for customization without tying up the lines. Options for extra toppings range from tortilla strips to spicy mayonnaise, bacon, and fresh jalapenos.

While the McDonald’s chain spent millions of dollars and decades on timing down the speed of assembly, now they’re changing their focus. The growing competition coming from fast casual chains is forcing them to polish up their menu offerings, also. In order to stay competitive against companies like Chipotle’s, they’re implementing unusual new test ideas like the custom burger menu. The fast casual Mexican chain has let customers top and finish their burritos as they please for years now, and their sales reflect how popular this concept is with hungry diners. With 22 topping options to customize a burger, the chain may get a new rush of attention from Millennials.

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