Menisto – Restaurants Can Now Configure Their Digital Menu in Just 5 Minutes

Menisto – Restaurants Can Now Configure Their Digital Menu in Just 5 MinutesMenisto – Restaurants Can Now Configure Their Digital Menu in Just 5 MinutesDigitization is a global trend which involves the efficient organization of services and an intelligent use of resources.

Since any business changes we must adapt our services to best fit our customer needs but also consider the future. Today, almost every business has an associated application available for most devices (iPhone, Android). Applications are extremely useful, but installing takes time and also storage space; the next immediate step is uninstalling it.

Clearly, we don’t need another standard application to install on our phones or tablets. What we need it’s a digital menu solution that is accessible anytime, without requiring any installation and integrated with social networks.

Menisto redefines the classic menu.  It is essentially an intelligent menu. Customers can easily access the menu on their phone or tablet, without any assistance from the waiter.

How it works?

  • REGISTER: Create a menu administration account
  • CREATE A MENU: Add a new menu or use a predefined menu that you can later customize
  • DISPLAY QR CODE: Display the Menisto QR code sticker in your restaurant

Why Menisto?

  • Menisto combines the latest web technologies (HTML5 +CSS3) with a Cloud hosting solution, so that it’s Online regardless of how many users are using it.
  • Fast Orders! With Menisto, customers can easily access the menu on their smartphone, without any assistance from the waiter. This will optimize the order process and the customer can “browse” the menu any time.
  • Menisto implementation does not require any additional costs with equipment. Since Menisto is easily accessible on any mobile device, you don’t need an additional investment for its use.
  • Facebook Integration: Customers can Like, Share and Comment their favorite products on Facebook.

Main Features

  • Cross-Platform – Menisto runs on any smartphone regardless of operating system.
  • Customer Loyalty – Customers get access to discounts or gifts.
  • Statistics and Graphs – Viewing statistics and graphs for your customer activity.
  • Flexibility – The menu can be updated online in just 5 minutes.
  • Rush Hours – It helps to serve more customers during rush hours.
  • Multiple Currencies – The products can display prices in multiple currencies: USD, EUR, RON…
  • Cloud Hosting – Menisto is always online due to its Cloud storage capability.

More details (Demo, Prices) on our website:

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