MenuTrinfo becomes exclusive nutritional partner for Amtrak

New agreement covers nutritional analysis, AllerTrain classes for Amtrak Food & Beverage team

MenuTrinfo closed out 2013 as the new nutritional partner for Amtrak, and will conduct menu nutritional services to the railway’s food and beverage service.

“MenuTrinfo is honored and thrilled to be the chosen nutritional partner for Amtrak.  The vision and direction of the entire Amtrak Food and Beverage team is, in my opinion, cutting edge and very much forward thinking,” said MenuTrinfo CEO Betsy Craig. “It thrills me that Amtrak is taking a magnifying glass to what they can do for the many special dietary needs passengers who ride their railway system daily.”

Amtrak made the decision to use MenuTrinfo “to add a resource to our team that was a subject matter expert on nutrition analysis,” said Gary Gunderson, Amtrak’s deputy chief, Amtrak Food & Beverage Services.

The company also committed to the initiative as a service to its customers and to expand the use of the company’s Food Facts website, which will provide real time information on menu ingredients and nutritional information.

“MenuTrinfo looks forward to training Amtrak chefs on food allergies and gluten free and to assist in verifying the nutritional values and the allergens of the meals,” Craig said. “With more than 3 million daily passengers, Amtrak has proven it is committed to protecting the health of the people it serves.”

MenuTrinfo is dedicated to helping foodservice operators protect the lives and health of their customers by meeting or exceeding new nutritional labeling regulations as required by law and by partnering with restaurants to provide safe products and procedures that meet a wide range of dietary restrictions. MenuTrinfo’s complete suite of services include menu analysis, AllerChef and AllerTrain certification and training in the areas of gluten-free menus, specialty menu development, nutritional counseling, and policy development. Its nutritional analysis is the only full-service solution for nutritional labeling that is insured and based on an FDA-approved process. MenuTrinfo clients cover the spectrum of food service, from large universities to restaurants and catering operations. For more information, go to or call (888) 767-MENU (6368).