Miami-Based MIC Food Announces Global Food Safety Certification of its Processing Plants

MIC Food, leading provider of value-added frozen plantains and other tropical fruits and vegetables to the foodservice industry, announced that its Latin American production facilities have received the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000). The designation is reserved for only the finest companies that can demonstrate compliance with the ISO-based internationally accepted program for assessment and certification of food safety management systems in the whole supply chain. The certification is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

MIC Food is the United States’ largest importer of frozen plantains. The company’s line of products also includes other tropical favorites such as yuca, tostones, boniato, malanga, fruit chunks, fruit concentrates, and more.

“Our mission is to make it easier for restaurants and the food industry in general to use delicious, authentic value-added tropical products that are easy and convenient to use,” said Alfredo Lardizabal, General Manager for MIC Food. “In a highly competitive environment, we are pleased to differentiate our products as some of the few of this type that come from FSSC 22000 certified processing facilities. Our customers deserve the best ingredients and state-of-the-art processes. This certification further proves that MIC Food delivers on its promise to provide only the finest products to our clients.”

The prestigious FSSC 22000 is the fastest growing certification program of food safety management systems with international recognition and certified sites in 113 countries. With its global presence, FSSC 22000 remains the only ISO 22000 based food safety management program benchmarked by GFSI.

Founded in 1987, MIC Food is the largest US importer of frozen plantain products, including sweet plantain slices, tostones, plantain cups and other plantain derived products. Its line of Latin American and Caribbean products include other tropical favorites such as yuca, malanga, yuca fries, boniato, pineapple, papaya, kiwi, fruit pulps and fruit concentrates. The company offers ready-to-heat frozen products for restaurants and food service clients throughout the US and in Europe.  Headquartered in Miami, FL, MIC Food is an integrated farm-to-distributor concept, with FSSC-certified processing facilities in Central and South America.  For more information about the brand, visit

FSSC 22000 is a program developed by The Foundation for Food Safety Certification and contains a complete certification program for Food Safety Systems based on existing standards for certification (ISO 22000, ISO 22003 and sector prerequisite programs). It is developed for the certification of food safety systems of organizations in the food industry that process or manufacture animal products, perishable vegetable products, products with a long shelf life and other food ingredients, including additives, vitamins, bio-cultures and food packaging material manufacturing. For more information, please visit:

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a business-driven initiative for the continuous improvement of food safety management systems to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide. GFSI provides a platform for collaboration between some of the world’s leading food safety experts from retailer, manufacturer and food service companies, service providers associated with the food supply chain, international organizations, academia and government. For more information, please visit:

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental organization made up of member from the national standards bodies of 164 countries. As the world’s largest developer and publisher of voluntary international standards, ISO standards are recognized worldwide. For more information, please visit: