MIC Food Provides Frozen Produce Solution for Restaurants Seeking Tropical Flavor

MIC Food Provides Frozen Produce Solution for Restaurants Seeking Tropical Flavor

As ethnic food grows in popularity, so does demand for produce such as yuca and plantains

MIC Food, a leading provider of value-added frozen plantains and other tropical fruits and vegetables to the foodservice industry, is helping restaurants easily infuse enticing ingredients into their menus. As the demand for ethnic cuisine continues to increase among today’s guests, restaurant operators look to companies like MIC Food for cost-effective, fresh-tasting and ready-to-use frozen solutions for plantains, yuca, tostones, and other tropical produce.

“Ethnic food, particularly from cultures in the Caribbean, Central and South America, is a rising trend,” said MIC Food corporate chef, Arthur Artiles. “As a result, we’re seeing tremendous growth not only in our client base, but also in the new ways our products are being incorporated into menus.”

The brand has been supplying the fan-favorite tropical side dishes to Pollo Tropical, a South Florida chain known for its chicken on the grill, for more than 20 years. For more than 10 years, MIC Food has been providing authentic side dishes to Pollo Campero, a Latin American chain established in Guatemala and El Salvador. While plantains are continuing to become a more mainstream side dish in eateries across the nation, MIC Food is also seeing clients use its tropical ingredients in nontraditional ways, from tapas-style bacon-wrapped plantain bites to yuca cups that hold ceviche to a toston burger “bun” for gluten-free guests.

“The frozen-fresh fruit and vegetables we produce allow restauranteurs from Seattle to Maine to anywhere in between seize the tropical fusion trend regardless of the season,” said Artiles. “We’re proud to provide the highest quality food products to our clients who, in turn, can put their own spin on our culture for their guests.”

For more information regarding MIC Food’s products, visit the brand’s website at www.micfood.com or contact the corporate office at info@micfood.com.

Founded in 1987, MIC Food is the largest US importer of frozen plantain products, including sweet plantain slices, tostones, plantain cups and other plantain derived products. Its line of tropical products includes other favorites such as as yuca fries and yuca cheese bites as well as a variety of other tropical vegetables.

The company offers ready-to-heat frozen products for restaurants and food service clients throughout the US and in Europe.  Headquartered in Miami, FL, MIC Food is an integrated farm-to-distributor concept, with FSSC-certified processing facilities in Central and South America.  For more information about the brand, visit www.micfood.com.