Mimi’s Cafe Takes The Effort Out Of Thanksgiving With Traditional Thanksgiving Dine-In And To-Go Feasts

Mimi's Cafe Takes The Effort Out Of Thanksgiving With Traditional Thanksgiving Dine-In And To-Go Feasts

Mimi’s Cafe may have a brand new culinary philosophy and menu, but Thanksgiving is all about tradition as they bring back their beloved Thanksgiving Dine-In, Holiday Sides and Feast-To-Go offerings. Aligned with the company’s new commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients and authentic preparations of their French-inspired bistro fare, Mimi’s is serving up the classics so their guests can enjoy quality time with loved ones – without spending hours in the kitchen.

Under the leadership of Mimi’s Cafe President Phil Costner and Executive Chef Katie Sutton, Mimi’s newfound promise of quality has driven the culinary innovation for the new menus and provided exceptional offerings and service nationwide.

“Thanksgiving is a time for family” said Phil Costner, President of Mimi’s Cafe. “We love giving our guests the opportunity to get out of the kitchen and spend more time with their loved ones, whether it’s coming in for Thanksgiving dinner, or taking our feasts home.”

In line with Mimi’s latest new menu offerings and Costner’s “Food First” philosophy, Mimi’s is dedicated to providing guests a delicious and traditional Thanksgiving meal, “without the countless hours of preparation, cooking and cleanup,” Costner added.

Mimi’s offers affordable Thanksgiving Dine-In and To-Go Options including:

Holiday Feasts To-Go are effortless and affordable options for families seeking quality food offerings and time to spend together–outside of the kitchen! Mimi’s signature Turkey Holiday Feast To-Go includes a Whole Pre-Cooked Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Turkey Gravy, Cornbread Stuffing, Cranberry Relish, Fresh Broccoli, two of Mimi’s Classic Carrot Raisin Nut Loaves—all topped off with everyone’s holiday favorite, a whole Pumpkin Pie. For guests that prefer ham, Mimi’s offers a new Ham Holiday Feast To-Go that includes a whole boneless Applewood Smoked Ham, Au Gratin Potatoes, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Broccoli, Apricot Chutney, two of Mimi’s Classic Carrot Raisin Nut Loaves, and a whole Pecan Pie for dessert. Mimi’s Cafe offers guests convenient online ordering or the option to call your local Mimi’s and place an order for pickup. Designed to serve six-to-eight people with a heating time of 1.5-2 hours, Mimi’s holiday feasts cost $99.99 each.

“Just the Sides” To-Go is designed for those seeking the perfect dishes to complement that traditional turkey recipe that has been passed down for generations. Providing families with exceptional Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Turkey Gravy, Cornbread Stuffing, Cranberry Relish and Fresh Broccoli, this package of delectable sides costs $39.99 and is designed to serve six-to-eight people—just reheat and enjoy! A la carte sides are also available to order.

Dine-In on Thanksgiving Day with a quintessential three course dinner for $16.99 per adult and $8.99 per child.  The feast begins with a choice of Mimi’s Original Corn Chowder, Mimi’s Original French Onion Soupe, Pumpkin Bisque, Petite Salade de Mimi’s or Petite Caesar Salade. The main course includes delectable Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast or Tender Dark Meat, Cornbread Stuffing, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Steamed Broccoli, Cranberry Relish along with Mimi’s Signature Bread Basket. Guests complete their meal with the season’s sweetest favorites such as a slice of Pumpkin Pie served with real whipped cream or the choice of a slice of Pecan Pie. Mimi’s Cafe restaurants are now accepting reservations and will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 28.

In addition, Mimi’s Cafe offers a selection of red, white and sparkling wines to complement Thanksgiving dine-in options, as well as a variety of coffees, teas and other beverages.