Mobi Pizza Launches Free ‘Pizzeria Challenge’ Game for iOS; App Combines Game with Yelp, Pizza Ordering

Pizza Lovers Now Have a One-Stop Shop For Pizza Available At iTunes Store

Pizza lovers rejoice! Now, users with iOS devices who crave pizza have an all-in-one app to fulfill their pizza cravings. Mobi Pizza ( is the only independent app where pizza lovers can play the entertaining “Pizzeria Challenge” game, make their dream pizzas and look up Yelp listings for local pizza parlors directly from their iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Now available on the iTunes store ( as a free download, the Mobi Pizza app combines the “Pizzeria Challenge” game with Yelp integration so pizza lovers can play the fun for all-ages game and when their craving gets to be too much, order a pizza by looking up local pizza restaurants on Yelp. In the coming months, Mobi Pizza will also offer users the ability to order pizza directly from their phones via the app.

Mobi Pizza Pizzeria Challenge“Mobi Pizza was created to give pizza lovers an all-in-one app that not only features a fun pizza-making game, but will soon allow users to also order pizzas directly from the app,” said Rollin Roos, CEO, Mobi Pizza.

The new family-friendly “Pizzeria Challenge” game is a 2D time-management game that puts the player in charge of a pizza parlor for the day, making pizzas and fulfilling orders against a ticking clock. With numerous toppings and sauces to fulfill, players of the “Pizzeria Challenge” have to manage their orders carefully and are ensure that they make enough “Mobi Money” at the end of the day to continue their pizza parlor business.  Users can also purchase “Mobi Money” within the app. With full shareability across social media platforms, players can challenge their family and friends to beat their totals.

Mobi Pizza also features Yelp integration so pizza fans can research local pizza restaurants via Yelp’s comprehensive database of reviews, listings and directions.

The Mobi Pizza app is compatible with iPads, iPhones and iPods and has been optimized as a native app for both iPads and iPhones. The Mobi Pizza is available now at the iTunes store for free (

Mobi Pizza Launches Free 'Pizzeria Challenge' Game for iOS; App Combines Game with Yelp, Pizza Ordering