Modern Market Eatery Welcomes Blackened Chicken Thighs on New Fall Menu

Modern Market Eatery Blackened Chicken Mango Bowl
Blackened Chicken Mango Bowl

The eatery reveals the newest protein on its Blackened Chicken Thigh Hand Carved Bowl, Blackened Mango Chicken Bowl and Baja Blackened Chicken Salad

Modern Market Eatery Welcomes Blackened Chicken Thighs on New Fall MenuModern Market Eatery today launched its new fall menu featuring a brand new protein — blackened chicken thighs. The new chicken thighs will appear on two new menu items and will replace herb marinated chicken breast on two existing dishes.

More flavor is the main event for the fall rollout. The new blackened chicken thighs are seasoned with an all-organic spice blend of paprika, thyme, garlic, onion, chili powder, cayenne, and black pepper. Thighs are the perfect vessel for seasoning and retaining moisture given their slightly higher fat content.

Chicken thighs join Modern Market’s lineup of proteins including antibiotic-free chicken breast, Berkshire pulled pork, sustainable salmon, 100 percent grass-fed steak and organic sesame glazed tofu. Chicken thighs provide customers an option with similar macro nutrients as the herb-marinated chicken breast, but with more flavor from the naturally juicier thigh meat and blackening seasoning.

“Our boldly-flavored new blackened chicken thighs perfectly mark the transition into cooler weather, and add even more excitement to the Modern Market menu,” says Chef Nate Weir, Vice President of Culinary. “Our teams are experts at cooking fresh, all-natural proteins from scratch in each of our restaurants, and they’re excited to show off their skills searing and roasting the new thighs. We’ve taken them in two different flavor directions, with an amazing Caribbean-influenced grain bowl that also has a lot of organic ingredients, and a super fresh and craveable Southwest-inspired salad.”

New Menu Items

Blackened Chicken Mango Bowl – antibiotic-free blackened chicken thigh, warm organic rice & quinoa, mango salsa, roasted sweet potato, organic black bean, kale, scallion, fresh lime squeeze, organic habanero pineapple sauce ($11.95)

Modern Market Eatery Welcomes Blackened Chicken Thighs on New Fall Menu
Blackened Chicken Thigh Hand Carved Bowl

Blackened Chicken Thigh Hand Carved Bowl – antibiotic-free blackened chicken thigh over bed of warm organic rice & quinoa, with chimichurri and two sides ($11.00)

Updated Menu Items

Modern Market Eatery Welcomes Blackened Chicken Thighs on New Fall Menu
Baja Blackened Chicken Salad

Baja Blackened Chicken Salad (formerly the Merida salad) – romaine, antibiotic-free blackened chicken thigh, organic black bean, corn, pickled onion, cotija, organic blue corn tortilla strips, avocado, fresh lime squeeze, creamy jalapeño lime dressing ($11.95)

Modern Market Eatery Welcomes Blackened Chicken Thighs on New Fall Menu
BBQ Pizza

BBQ Pizza – BBQ sauce, blackened chicken thigh, red & green onion, cilantro, pepper jack ($5.95 | $9.95)

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Faster food can be better food. That idea led to the creation of Modern Market Eatery in Boulder, Colo. in 2009. Since then, the brand has been on a mission to nurture happiness from the inside out by making it easy to eat clean, nurturing and delicious food. They do this through scratch-cooking in every restaurant, clean, sustainable and ethically raised ingredients, and saying no to preservatives, antibiotics and anything artificial.

Fresh salads, grain bowls, toasted sandwiches, brick oven pizzas and hand-juiced lemonades rule the menu. With nearly 30 locations across Colorado, Texas, and Arizona, as well as Denver International Airport and the campus at Notre Dame, Modern Market is growing quickly in order to deliver healthy food to more communities.

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