Multi-Unit Layne’s Chicken Fingers Owners Opened First Unit in Pennsylvania on August 28th

Multi-Unit Layne's Chicken Fingers Owners Opened First Unit in Pennsylvania on August 28th

The Pittsburgh Layne’s team opened a location in Morgantown, WV in June and is now expanding to Pittsburgh with the first location in the state of Pennsylvania

Multi-Unit Layne's Chicken Fingers Owners Opened First Unit in Pennsylvania on August 28th Layne’s Chicken Fingers, emerging Dallas-based QSR franchise, has seen impressive franchise development lately, signing several multi-unit deals to further scale with franchise owners that are dedicated to growing the brand. As a result, the company’s “Soon to be Famous” chicken fingers has opened its first location in the state of Pennsylvania. The new location, at 3621 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15213, opened its doors to take hungry customers’ orders on August 28th with a grand opening on September 1.

To celebrate the growth, Anna Niklasson, head of marketing for the franchise owner, explained that Layne’s of Pittsburgh will have a prize wheel available for guests to spin for a chance to win a range of prizes, including promotional merchandise and free menu items. The Layne’s Pittsburgh team is also sponsoring a Year of Layne’s giveaway for one lucky guest to win free Layne’s for a full year.

Ahmer’e Blackman, district manager for the restaurant, explained that, while this is exciting growth, it is just the start for Layne’s in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

The Pittsburgh Layne’s, located in close proximity to the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC Healthcare, is the second of their units to open outside of their home state of Texas. The team also recently opened a location in Morgantown, WV that has seen great success. Niklasson and Blackman are excited to see the same type of success in Pittsburgh, especially with its prime real estate.

“I love getting to be part of the brand’s journey of getting that excitement around Layne’s up. I feel like, in a lot of places outside of Texas, no one knows it,” said Nikalsson. “So we get to introduce it and help it grow. I’m excited about that because we’ve been telling this story now to people that we’re meeting as we’re opening our restaurants, and people are getting really excited.”

The population in Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities has been growing fast. As of 2023, there are 300,431 residents, making it the second largest city in Pennsylvania. Nikalsson and Blackman are eager for their new Layne’s location to become a top food choice for the area’s residents and workers.

The team currently owns the Morgantown, WV and Pittsburgh, PA locations, but they don’t plan to stop there. They currently have all of Pennsylvania, all of West Virginia and the majority of Ohio, resulting in being contracted for at least five restaurants, but the plan is to grow well beyond that.

“We’re thrilled to be working closely with Anna and Ahmer’e, who will be a valued asset to the Layne’s team. They have a clear excitement about bringing this brand to Pittsburgh, and we couldn’t be happier to be on this journey with them,” said Samir Wattar, chief operating officer. “This is another great step for the Layne’s Chicken Finger system.”

Layne’s Chicken Fingers is targeting states such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma for further expansion, and is excited to work with new franchise partners to bring their Soon to be Famous™ chicken to more parts of the country.

Multi-Unit Layne's Chicken Fingers Owners Opened First Unit in Pennsylvania on August 28th

Founded in 1994 in College Station, the original location became a Texas A&M legend known for its small-town charm, friendly service, iconic chicken fingers and secret sauce. While opening corporate locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the leadership team focused on fine-tuning its operations and starting to franchise.