Mutt & Jeff’s Smoke House Announces First Franchise Sale

Mutt & Jeff's Smoke House Announces First Franchise Sale
Britte & Wes Anderson

The barbecue food trailer franchise is set to hit the road this Spring.

Mutt & Jeff's Smoke House Announces First Franchise SaleMutt & Jeff’s Smoke House has sold its first franchise, making it the second territory for the Northeast Georgia barbecue brand.

Britte & Wes Anderson will launch the new territory in April as the new franchise partners. The unit will be headquartered in Gainesville, GA, but covers Hall, Jackson, Banks, White, and Habersham counties. Mutt & Jeff’s is owned by Jeff and Angie Cantrell.

Jeff Cantrell is excited to share the Mutt & Jeff’s Smoke House brand with a new community. “We don’t want to saturate just one area. We don’t want to take away from the other businesses,” asserted Cantrell. “Britte and Wes have the counties within their designated territory, but they can go into any county that isn’t owned by another franchisee. That goes for all Mutt & Jeff’s Smoke House franchisees, allowing for more business opportunity and more flexibility for each trailer.”

The new franchise partners have been long time connections to the Cantrells. Wes Anderson and Jeff Cantrell both worked in Hall County. Anderson had been in law enforcement for over 30 years and Cantrell in the fire department. After retiring from their corresponding lines of work, the duo reconnected due to Anderson seeking a mobile business opportunity, particularly in mobile food concepts. “He contacted me because he wanted to start a different food trailer and wanted to pick my brain,” recalled Cantrell. “As we got to talking and I explained our franchise model and the amount of money an owner can make, he was on board. Our franchisees don’t have to reinvent the wheel and are handed a profitable, proven model right out of the gate.”

The new franchise is set for a target opening of April 2022. Meanwhile, franchise sales are just ramping up. “We are in talks with another potential franchisee out of state already,” stated Cantrell.

According to the brand’s franchise site, Mutt & Jeff’s Smokehouse is a mouthwatering barbecue experience compacted into an easy-to-operate, flexible mobile food trailer model. Franchisees are handed a turn-key business, complete with collateral designs, recipes, and vendor relationships. Each franchisee has on-point support from Jeff and Angie Cantrell along the way.

As for future goals, the Mutt & Jeff’s Smokehouse team is taking a calculated approach. “We don’t want to saturate the market like other franchises have done. We want to limit the number in North and South Georgia and out of state,” stated Cantrell. “My goal would be five franchises this year and five a year after then, then I’m happy.”

Mutt & Jeff’s Smoke House is the premier food trailer in North Georgia, serving BBQ and sweet tea at festivals, fairs, stadiums, theme parks, private events, and more. To find out more about owning a mobile barbecue food trailer franchise, visit their franchise website at