Nekter Juice Bar Reinvents Juice Cleansing for the New Year

Nekter Juice Bar Reinvents Juice Cleansing for the New Year

New Signature Cleanse Featuring Seasonal Soups and Teas, and Introduces 21-Day Lifestyle Reset Program

Nekter Juice Bar Reinvents Juice Cleansing for the New YearNekter Juice Bar, a leading innovator of the modern juicing revolution with an appealing array of natural, fresh and cold-pressed juices, smoothies, coffees and acai bowls, announces two New Year’s initiatives to inspire its fans to embrace the power of healthy living.

Introducing “21 Days of Nekter”

“21 Days of Nekter” is a new “Live Life Well” program developed to encourage people to start a new habit of healthy living by incorporating nutrient-rich, great-tasting and affordable Nekter juices or smoothies into their daily regimens over a 21- to 30-day period. The cost of the 21 juices or smoothies (16 oz.) would normally run $124.95, but Nekter Juice Bar has priced the “21 Days of Nekter” program at just $99 to help motivate people to create a new habit of eating well to live well.

Nekter fans simply purchase their “21 Days of Nekter” card online at, and then present the card at purchase at any of Nekter’s 51 U.S. locations for 21 juices or smoothies within 30 days.

“They say it takes as little as 21 days to start a habit and what better way to kick start a healthier lifestyle than by incorporating the live enzymes and valuable nutrients found in Nekter’s juices and smoothies every day for 21 days,” said Steve Schulze, CEO, Nekter Juice Bar.

Nekter Juice Bar Reinvents Juice Cleansing for the New Year
Nekter Juice Bar Signature Cleanse
Beginner and Experienced Cleansers Will Love the New Signature Cleanse With Soup and Tea

In January, Nekter Juice Bar will also introduce a new Signature Cleanse with the perfect balance of cold-pressed juices and seasonal soups. The new cleanse provides guests with ways to proactively counteract the common struggles, which are sometimes experienced by those new to cleansing, by including more protein and fiber than a traditional all-juice cleanse to promote a sense of fullness. The new Signature Cleanse also will appeal to more experienced cleansing aficionados who want to add something new to their routine.

“Nekter’s new Signature Cleanse is perfect for those new to cleansing or those who are looking for a refreshed cleansing experience,” said Schulze. “By incorporating plant-based and nutrient-rich soups into the cleanse, our fans will feel more satiated while still benefitting from a regimen that will cleanse, rest and repair the body without feeling deprived of food.”

The six-bottle cleanse includes two cold-pressed juices, Green Nut Milk, Activated Charcoal Lemonade and two brand new seasonal soups, including a delicious blend of butternut squash, carrot and ginger, and a soothing “creamy” tomato soup. The Signature Cleanse also adds in three tea components: one to be consumed in the morning to wake the body and digestive organs, one for the evening with anti-inflammatory effects to ward off cleansing headaches and to help support rest and repair while sleeping, and an optional Green Tea for those who consume caffeine on a daily basis. The Signature Cleanse is $55 and will be available for purchase in-stores and online starting Dec. 28, 2015.

Nekter Juice Bar Reinvents Juice Cleansing for the New Year
Nekter Juice Bar founders, Alexis and Steve Schulze
Nekter Juice Bar Reinvents Juice Cleansing for the New YearNekter Juice Bar Reinvents Juice Cleansing for the New YearPrivately-owned and founded in Southern California by two healthy living enthusiasts, Steve and Alexis Schulze, Nekter Juice Bar is dedicated to inspiring a community of kids and adults to live an active, well-balanced, health-minded and compassionate life. Now with 51 corporate and franchise locations in California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Texas, Nekter Juice Bar is a modern reinvention of the juice bar, and continues to be at the forefront of the juicing revolution, offering an array of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, coffees, and acai bowls that are natural, unprocessed, nutrient-rich, great tasting and affordable. The “Nekter Life” also includes making a positive difference by offering food with a purpose and by supporting charitable organizations in the communities they serve. Connect with Nekter Juice Bar socially at, or For more information about the company or franchise opportunities, visit