New 18-Pack Food Service Sweet Corn Now Available at Cash and Carry Markets

New 18-Pack Food Service Sweet Corn Now Available at Cash and Carry MarketsNew 18-Pack Food Service Sweet Corn Now Available at Cash and Carry Markets

Columbia Fresh Produce, Walla Walla, WA announced today the distribution of their Sunbites Sweet Corn on the Cob to Cash&Carry Smart Foodservice, a 59-store location food service retail warehouse located throughout the Northwest including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada & California.

Sunbites is a fully cooked, vacuum sealed sweet corn on the cob that can be quickly heated to serving temperature.  It is GMO Free, has no preservatives, no additives and since it is grown in Quebec Canada, is supper sweet and crunchy.  “It offers smaller sized yellow and white kernels that just pop in your mouth”, said Dewight Hall, owner of Columbia Fresh.

The corn is sold in individually sealed 6 inch cobs and many restaurants are cutting them in half making a nice looking 3-inch “cob-et” sized piece, great for appetizers or as a side vegetable dish.  “Our corn is a great way to allow foodservice establishments to keep the summer taste alive with corn that tastes ‘just picked’ each and every time,” said Rick Bella, Director of Marketing for Columbia Fresh.

“We are so excited to have Cash&Carry partner with us to provide our corn to the foodservice world here in the Northwest region”, offered Dewight Hall.  “It really is an amazing product and we cannot wait to see what area restaurants and caters do with the versatile corn”, he added.

The Sunbites sweet corn on the cob will be offered in a convenient 18-pack box allowing any size food service customer the chance to offer the corn with little risk.  The added long shelf life means that there is no spoilage of the product, unlike a fresh corn product that only offers a few days of shelf life, something very important in the foodservice world.

Columbia Fresh Produce is the exclusive importer and distributor of Sunbites Sweet Corn on the Cob in the United States.  Based in Walla Walla, WA, Columbia Fresh is able to grow, pack, sell, and ship product to an ever-growing customer base. While this supply chain allows increased sales of northwest grown fruits, the majority of what we move is grown and shipped in the population-strong Eastern half of the United States. Many days each year are spent walking through fields, inspecting produce, and providing new outlets for growers and shippers of a wide variety of commodities, from sweet potatoes in North Carolina to carrots in Ontario, Canada and now sweet corn from Quebec.

Cash&Carry Smart Foodservice headquartered in the Greater Portland, Oregon area, has been operating throughout the Northwest for more than 60 years. As a wholesale food distributor and food service warehouse, they assist customers who shop for a wide range of quality food products, chef supplies, wholesale restaurant supplies, and catering supplies in a way that saves customers time and money. Their goal is to help customers grow their business and satisfy diners, customers and guests.

Over the years, Cash&Carry has focused on helping small, independent operators keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of their food products.  They choose the products they offer carefully in order to ensure quality and consistency throughout their stores. In so doing, they maintain low prices, and offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly specials that help busy restaurant owners, chefs, caterers, deli owners, coffee shop proprietors and event planners control their costs and budgets.

Cash&Carry offers more than 8,500 products available at each of their 59 wholesale locations. With stores in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah and Nevada, Cash&Carry is ready to help customers shop, stock up, and save big.

New 18-Pack Food Service Sweet Corn Now Available at Cash and Carry Markets